Free Pattern is Here!

Hi, Everyone!  Just wanted to leave you a quick note to say that the FREE FEBRUARY HEART PATTERN IS ON THE WEBSITE, just not here on the blog yet!  Will have pictures up here tomorrow.

Meantime, go to the website and download the Free pattern and then over to the Kits page (it's under Fabric Kits) and take a look at the Kit for it!  It's so pretty!  You'll want to consider getting 2 or 3 of them, because these Hearts are so-o-o-o fast to make and there are so-o-o-o many things to do with them (which is what I want to show & tell you about tomorrow)!  We will get them out to you the same day if you order before 3:00 p.m. and next morning if it's after 3:00, because it's pretty close to Valentine's!

Gotta Go!  But back tomorrow with more!




A Few Of My Favorite Things

A couple weeks ago I received an ad in the mail for Vera Bradley (I love her so-many things!).  On the back were these darling little coin purses, and they were shaped like HEARTS!  They were available 'while supplies last' . . . . THAT did it!  I had to have some, so I went straight to my iPad and got online . . . . but . . . . no little heart purses . . . I looked everywhere, but nothing.  So back to the kitchen to look at the ad.  There it was - I was so excited to have them that I didn't read the next part about them being available in two weeks. Crumble.  I'd have to wait.

There are just some things I'm unreasonably attracted to - anything with flowers, anything with hearts, boxes of all kinds, and everything Christmas, and . . .!  And if there is a combination of my unreasonable things, like heart boxes, well . . . . there's just no stopping me.  See what I mean?

Heart boxes - paper
Only a few of my paper boxes

Most of these boxes were purchased while we lived in England. The box on the left side that looks like it's split down the middle vertically, really is.  It's hinged at the bottom point, so to open it you have to pull it left and right at the top of the heart!  I think I'm most taken with the large heart at the back, an antique hat box, which I found at a kind of antique boutique in Fredericksburg, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country, not too far from here.  It's one of our favorite places.  I'll have to take you there sometime with my camera.  You'll be an armchair traveler; I think you'd enjoy it!

Heart boxes - sheet metal
Some sheet metal boxes

These are so fun!  The small ones are about 2.5" across, just to give you an idea of their relative size.  The one on the front right has a chalkboard top where you can write a name or a Valentine wish!  Very much like a Conversation Heart!  One of them says "With Love" on the inside.  Wouldn't they make darling kit packaging?!

Sometimes I've ended up with two of the same thing!  Haven't you done that?  You see one somewhere and then later you see the same thing again not remembering it's already at home tucked safely away for its next display day, and again you've got the same feeling - just got to have it!   And then . . . . well . . sometimes, I confess, I get two the first time, just because!

(Actually in the top photo, see the box on the left side with the rose on it, right against the large hat box at the back?  It's actually sitting on top of another one that's exactly the same!)

So I'm hoping to hit your spot - and your heart - with our Free Pattern & Kit for Valentine's.  Will upload everything sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Just wanted to update you.  When it's up, you'll find the pattern on our website on the 'Free For You' page & the Kit on the 'Kits' page.  Just click the website button here on the left sidebar to get started!  We'll get the kits right out to you!  You can make these in a jiffy - and they're great for so many occasions - not just Valentine's!

See you tomorrow!

Always Yours,






Valentines & Kits Coming!

It's been a most beautiful day here today. Really cold yesterday, overcast &  W I N D Y!  But today was sunny and 74.  I worked on our free February pattern for only a little bit when my O&O called and we met for lunch at one of our favorite places, Beck's.  It's a yuppie hamburger-to-steak place where you can sit outside on a deck under great old live oak and post oak trees. I love that and it was just warm enough today!  Yay! 

Did just a little bit of shopping on the way home and found the most beautiful napkins for Spring, what do you think?  I bet I can do something with these, yes?

Williams Sonoma Bunny Napkins
Darling Bunny Napkins



Beautiful embroidery!

Yes, these are from Williams Sonoma.  Their beautiful table linens are cotton and linen, so they look & feel wonderful!  These napkins come in white, as well, and belong with a gorgeous jacqurd tablecloth.  I thought you might like to see them all here.  Beautiful things are food for the soul!

And I bought the cutest little Bunny - a stuffed animal, of course!  Can you just imagine what Jake would think of the real thing?!?!  He's a hunting dog, so let's just NOT imagine!  (Don't worry, the only thing he really hunts is lizards in the backyard). 


Stuffed Bunny full on cutting table
Look how he holds his hands! Isn't that darling?

And he's planted himself right on the cutting table, where all the Valentine busy-ness is going on!  By the way, see that rotary cutter on the right - the lock is on guaranteed - do you know where your rotary cutter is?


Stuffed Bunny closeup 1
Just look at that face!

Stuffed Bunny closeup 2
And those eyes! Who could resist?!

Which is exactly why I bought one for me and one for someone's Easter basket!

This little bunny will have a life in front of the camera, surrounded by his own kind!  (That means he'll be on blogs, websites and social media, surrounded by other stuffed animals & soft quilting projects, looking adorable!).  Easter things are everywhere, it seems like all of a sudden.  But then someone reminded me how early Easter is this year, March 31!  Hence the bunny! 

I'm always looking for things I think you'll like to see in photos, sometimes just by themselves and other times with the things made from my designs.  I'm picky - it has to be something I love, and I know will look beautiful, or is cute or funky, and be the 'glue' that makes things work together.  I like nothing better than to put a smile on your face or touch your heartstrings!  So I keep my eyes open. 

Sometimes I run across something I just love and have a sense or knowing that it's perfect and I should get it.  But my practicality kicks in, and I think "Oh, but I don't have a specific idea for that, what will I do with it?", so I walk away to think about it awhile.  Then I realize the "knowing" I had was right, I go back to get it, and it's gone!  Some of those things I still think about.  So I've learned not to argue with it, and just get it the first time; and most every time it turns out to be a great decision!  Do you ever do that?

Almost have ready the February free pattern, and samples, and photos for the website, and photos for the blog, and kits, etc. etc.  The pattern graphics are finally finished, Sue does that, and it was a real struggle for her because her computer crashed and she had to wipe the drive and reload everything!  Then she had follow-up trouble with email & printers and was trying to do Daisy & Dell's complicated things from her phone - can you imagine?!?!?  But the samples are all made, and I'm working on staging photos for the blog, so you'll have some inspiration!  (Oh, and Sue IS getting things worked out, thank you for your concern!)  And I haven't forgotten January; even though its going to be late, it'll still be fun to do and you'll want to add it to your collection for the year!  

So sometime THIS WEEKEND I'll have up some great stuff for you to look at and do!  So check back!

Now must get back to those photos - and KITS!!  (and I might just have some Conversation Hearts!!)





Very Valentine!

We're working on a Free Project that will be up on the website soon on the Free For You page!  It will feature a simple, easy, quick, fun-to-do project which will span the year with a different one each month!  And we'll have a little kit to go with each one.  We're hurrying so we can get January's to you before the month is gone - can you believe it's passing so FAST?!?!?  And we want to get February's to you a little early, too.

We're thinking about Valentines, our other favorite holiday (I bet you couldn't guess our Free February Project will be all about that)!  But meantime, take a look at one of our most beautiful quilts, Embellished Hearts, perfect for the season!  The quilt has everything - regular embroidery, ribbon embroidery, applique & embellishment - it includes a darling little envelope, which you can actually open, with a tiny Valentine inside!

There are instructions for the quilt, of course, plus instructions, stitch diagrams & beautiful, detailed drawings for each of the 5 embellished hearts, showing the position of all embroidery, embellishment and applique.  Includes a list of silk ribbon from The Thread Gatherer or you can substitute your own! 

If you start now, you can hang it for Valentine's Day next year!

Embellished Hearts quilt pic larger
Embellished Hearts Quilt

The resolution isn't the best on this full photo, but you can see the quilt layout.  Can you see the bows formed in the corner blocks?

Embellished Hearts - Ruffled Heart full heart
Ruffled Heart

Embellished Hearts - Scalloped Heart full heart
Scalloped Heart


Embellished Hearts - Starry Heart full heart
Starry Heart


Embellished Hearts - Feathered Heart full heart
Ruffled Heart


Embellished Hearts - Envelope Heart full heart
Envelope Heart

See the darling little Valentine?  It fits perfectly in the Envelope!  The piece of fabric is fussy-cut to get the little rose in the corner and the writing is traced with a Micron pen - how easy!

Embellished Hearats - Starry Heart closeup
Starry Heart closeup of ribbon embroidery
Starry Heart Xtra closeup L side
Starry Heart closeup of left side

See all the beads buried in the ribbon?  It gives it just a perfect sparkle!  And you could do the same with sequins or other embellishment items.  In the Ruffled Heart above, I used a number of my Grandma Daisy's buttons I found in a box of hers.

Starry Heart xtra closeup R side
Starry Heart closeup of right side

 If you've never done ribbon embroidery before, don't let that stop you!  The instructions and stitch diagrams will tell you everything to do.  And even though it doesn't look like it, ribbon embroidery is very forgiving!  Practice the roses on a scrap piece just to make yourself feel better first.  These are formed all on the top of the fabric, anyway, so it's easy to start over; besides, you can see how easy it is to cover anything you want to!  And it ALWAYS looks beautiful! 

I made this quilt for one of my wedding anniversaries!  We got married the day before Valentine's Day because the church was already taken for the day itself.  So the quilt works for everything!  You can order the pattern on the website.

Thanks for being patient to let these photos load!  I got a wonderful D3200 Nikon camera for Christmas - just so I could show you great closeups like these.  The DS100 I had used for so long simply wasn't giving the resolution needed - that's how things have changed!  Now it looks like there may be more resolution than I actually need for photos to load on the page quickly - but that's a change in the right direction! 

Back with more later!  Always!



Happy New Year 2013!

Hope your New Year's Day was great!  Mine definately was relaxing!  Now, as fast as possible, it's away with the decorations and on to new projects.  I like the last part of that, but not quite ready to part with the color & sparkle of Christmas, so . . . . .

Couldn't help but share this photo with you first.  It's from the grounds of Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City.  Indescribably beautiful LED lights on every tree on their campus - I'm only showing you a little of it.  Talk about sparkle!  It took my breath away!


 Just had to greet you!  We're working on some upcoming things, but not available for a little bit!  I'm still thinking of Snowmen . . . not sure where this is leading, but can't get them out of my head - probably something for next Christmas?!?!  I know, I know, but the Christmas fabric for next year is so great!  

Meantime, stay warm & toasty with some hot chocolate!  How about I think of Christmas and you think of Spring?

As Always Yours,




'Simeon's Moment' by Ron DiCianni



Simeon's MomentAll the angels of Heaven couldn't contain their joy at the birth of Jesus!  Exploding with joy they proclaimed to all the earth that this little boy, born of a virgin, God's own Son, would provide the way for peace between God and man; His goodwill could extend to all without the sacrifice of animals, for Jesus would be the sacrifice; His blood would be poured out one time for us all! 

His will for us was never anything except blessing and prosperity!  When Adam chose his own path and sin entered, God's perfect fellowship with man was broken.  But still His Love wouldn't be denied, and He made a way through the blood of animals.

No wonder the angels rejoiced!  No wonder Simeon's tears flowed!  For now, with a simple acknowledgement of God's provision, Jesus, any person could restore the blessing, prosperity & fellowship which God's heart so wanted His creation, man, to have.  His Love never ends, never gives up!  And it's ours for the choosing!


Merry Christmas!!!

Fall is my favorite season of year and Christmas! is the best of that, but have been so busy I've not stopped to really enjoy the sights and sounds of it!  So I thought I'd share these pictures with you from some of my decorating . . . . .

Santa peeking from between the poinsettia & potpourri!

We Believe in our Savior and enjoy all things Christmas!


The dining room sideboard. We cluster gifts here and there through the downstairs!


Brought a little of the outside inside!

I hope your Christmas Day is full of peace and contentment!

Always Yours,







He always wants to go!

I want to introduce you to Jake, our Springer Spaniel.  He is a sweetheart and a character at the same time!  Every Market, we find him inside various vehicles as we load.  He never gets into anything, he just wants to go, too!  Here's the story this year . . . . . .

Market 2012 - Is it time yet?
Is it time yet?

How does he always know what's going to happen?

Market 2012 - Jake
If I don't look at her, she'll think I didn't hear

Have called him to get down, but you can see what good that does!

Market 2012, Jake in car looking at me
Is she there again?!

Multiple tries do no good.

Market 2012 - Jake in SUV
Looking aloof

Jake, we'll need every inch of space for the booth!

Jake -  Market 2012 in SUV
You mean down there?

You're making it SO hard - just look at that - maybe Quilts, Inc. will allow dogs NEXT year . . .

Market 2012 - Jake in SUV ears down
Doggone! Okaaaay.

This is a heartbreaker!  Can't we smuggle him in SOMEwhere?

Jake laying down in SUV - Market 2012
Okay, but I'm holding out for a treat!

Deal!  And it's all you can eat.  Just look at that face!

More later!





Quilt Market is so amazing!  But now I'm glad to be on this side of it!  It's like going on vacation . . . . . excited to go, glad to get home.

Daisy & Dell generally exhibits only at the Houston market because we're located in Cypress, TX, at the far (far!), NW edge of Houston. This has great & obvious advantages - we can set up a booth with much less cost than shipping a crate from somewhere - we could use things (props) that we might not otherwse want to ship, BUT there are disadvantages, too - we have to drive about 35 miles on Monday morning through rush hour traffic (Ugh!) to get there (about 1 1/2 hrs) - in fact, every evening & morning it takes us about 45 min. each way (that's Sat & Sun) as opposed to staying in a nearby hotel ('course it costs less, too - I can her the violins now! :).

So now we have shipped all the orders we can for the time being (some are delayed for the convenience of the Shop), and my One & Only and i left 2 days later for a little R&R.  YAY!!!

But I haven't forgotten YOU!  Thought you might like to see a couple photos of our booth at Market.

Market 2012 setup
Market 2012 - Ladders everywhere


We are fairly well along on this second day of set-up.  Once the basics (drapes, carpet, quilts) are in place, it's much more obvious what needs to be done.

Market 2012 - A little camera shy
Market 2012 - A little camera shy


Here is my daughter, Christy (left) and my 14 yr old granddaughter, Morganne.  They are a little camera shy, but at least they're laughing on this second setup day!  It's a LOT OF WORK!

Market 2012 - working away
Market 2012 - working away


My Mom came with my sister, Debbie, to help set up and stayed every day at Market, too!  She's 86 and I'm really proud of her for such an effort.  She is a trooper!


Market 2012 - having fun along the way
Quilt Market 2012 - having fun along the way


Had to add this one!  My booth is truly a family affair and we have a great time because of each other!  Morganne was showing off a little (OK, quite a bit) to test my new camera while she leaped acrpss the frame.  You can see Christy behind her, I always schedule the flowers & vine for her to put up every year.  It takes some experience and she always makes it look great!!

More later!  As always, I'm




Here Comes Santa!

Promised to show you the new Ornaments by today, so here are the last 2 before quilt market.  There will be many more, of course!  So-o-o-o many more ideas!  Later on we'll add some free ones for you to do on the website!

Patterns will be on the website as soon as covers are available - VERY SOON!

I may have to say this guy is my favorite so far . . . . . but they're ALL SO CUTE!

Check It Twice pattern - Santa
"Check It Twice" Santa

Don't you love his pompons and glasses?!?  The pompoms move back and forth on a string.  I couldn't resist adding the candy cane.  It came from a package of miniature tree ornaments!  

His glasses have 2 or 3 long stitches on each lens to represent reflections.  We used a very cool 'thread' called Easter Grass.  It's not quite 1/8" wide and iridescent!  Perfect for his glasses - which are couched metallic braid.  I used an awl to help both these threads through the fabric.  A chenille needle works fine with its large eye and sharp point.

See the big Snowflake sequin on his Hat Trim?  There are so many things to use from craft and scrapbooking stores!  And if you're like me, you have been collecting irresistible embellishments for years (most of the time I don't even have a particular purpose for them) - so use some of them!

OK!  Here's the last one!

Welcome Wreath Ornament
Welcome Wreath Ornament

It's from the Welcome Wreath - Singing Ornament pattern.  This is one of two versions; you obviously can't use a Sound Card with this version, but you can with the second version, which is the same wreath size on a square background - no photo available at the moment, but I'll have one a little later.

So simple to make - the hole is stitched with a straight stitch (after the Ornament is turned), then you cut the hole away close to the stitching, then stitch around it again with a buttonhole stitch - all from the right side while it's flat!  And the mittens are also turned & stuffed just a little and so cute!

With all these Singing Ornaments, you can simplify them by leaving off details; maybe you don't want mittens on your wreath, so just add jingle bells, instead; or leave them off altogether.  Or you can go the other way and add extra goodies, like we did on the Santa above with the jingle bell & candy cane.  It's up to you!

I have some more samples to show you, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow!  So see you then!

Yours Always,



Ribbons, Trims and Embellishments

Have been working on the last 2 ornaments before market (only 2 weeks now!).  By Monday should have the first finished sample for each one; then will take a photo, then to the graphic designer for a cover, then off to the printer - they can probably ship to me just in time!  Oh, yes, and show YOU!  Whew!  Now to finish these last 2 patterns - that's part of my weekend.  Will give you a peek at the samples on Monday or Tuesday!

These little ornaments can be done exactly as you see them on the cover - or you can leave out details - or add your own to ours.  We've done three or four of each one, choosing different combinations of fabrics & threads & embellishments.  Depending on what you choose, they can really look different!  

I've had a great time going through my ribbons, trims and embellishments!  In fact, I even went to my local craft store and picked up some decorations for miniature trees - Oh, so cute!  So you'll soon see some of these on our little ornaments!

Great Flakes! alternate sample
Great Flakes! Singing Christmas Ornament

I really think you'll enjoy putting these together!  And anyone you want to give them to will be glad you enjoyed it.  I just loved this wonderful sequin-y, ruffled trim!  Have been thinking about stocking some trims and ribbons, unique & traditional, and selling them by the yard.  Would you be interested?

We've used the Embellishment Kit, which includes all the buttons you see, plus the sparkly fiber.  Very handy!  Wish you could hear the music it plays from the Sound Card in the back!  I promise to figure that out and let you listen soon.

Back in a bit!  Always Yours!





Photo Gallery

Hi, There!  Hope your Friday is as beautiful as mine!  

I always know it's Fall when the light from the back begins to come directly in the windows.  It actually works out perfectly because in the Summer, when you don't want the heat from the sun coming in, the sun is high to the skyline so the light shines indirectly, but in the Winter it's lower, so we get the direct light, and a (usually) welcome warmth with it.

Have had a couple of days of catching up.  Just what had to be done.  Finishing paperwork - only to meet deadlines, paying bills - just what was due, ordering kit & pattern supplies - just enough to get through market.

We've added to our Photo Gallery on the website, so you might want to take a look.  'Tis the Season!, so we added photos of Christmas Ornaments from our Merry Ornaments & Tags pattern.  These six ornaments can be used in so-o-o-o many ways!  They're fused to either Timtex or Fast2Fuse, so you can finish them in a jiffy.  The little buttons are so cute, and they come in a Button Kit just for this set!

You could add them to the tree with a name on the back as a little surprise, add to a package for a tag, send as a Christmas card with a greeting on the back, use as a favor at each place setting for your Christmas table, hang on a Christmas sock, tie around a napkin, or just give as a gift itself!  Use as decoration and hang one from every lamp in the house!  I'm sure you can think of more!

More later!  Always Yours!



Tree-mendous Ornament - Last of 3

Glad to see you're here for our last installment to make this little ornament! 

Since yesterday, we have smoothed a piece of cut-to-to-fit batting against the front side, stuffed our ornament, with the Sound Card inside the pocket for a good fit, and stitched the opening at the bottom closed.  

Anticipating a few questions, I'll say that the batting protects the fibers that end up on the back side from stitching, so they don't get pulled & tugged during stuffing AND it prevents a lumpy look on the front from the fiberfill - it gives it a little sturdiness, too.

A word about the Sound Card.  We always put it in the pocket before stuffing the ornament, because you don't want it too tight (or too loose), so you can easily remove it if you want to (like to change the recording - yes, you can do that, more later), and if it's in the pocket, you know exactly how to stuff it.

Treemendous Ornament
Tree-mendous Ornament Finished


Here's the glittery trim we picked!  it's hard to see all its glitz in the photo, but it goes well with the whole ornament.  The sequins are glittery, the beads are glittery and even the pink and green fabrics are shiny and sparkly!

At the bottom, the trim is well attached, but this trim is tubular and webby, so I'll use some Fray Check to keep those ends in place.

On yours, you'll have an extra 1/4" at top & bottom for your buttons; this one was a prototype, but exact to the pattern in every other way.

Hope you got something from this!  It's a BEAUTIFUL fall day here, so I think I'll get a cup of coffee, sit on the back patio and enjoy it!  How about you?




Tree-mendous Ornament Part 2 of 3

Hi, again!  Back to finish up the next-to-last post of the Tree-mendous Ornament with you!  

It's the 1st already!  Now it will seem like a blur untl the end of the year!  You, too?  So let's finish while we still have a minute or two.

Back for Treemendous Ornament
We've cut the back & the pocket for the Sound Card.

If you purchase the Gift Package, which includes the Sound Card, you'll need the pocket.  There is a Gift Package for each ornament.  It always includes the beautiful Heirloom storage/gift box and the Sound Card, with a pre-recorded clip from a Christmas carol or song.  You can record anything you want on the Sound Card  - it's easy and instructions come with it, more later.  Also, many of the ornaments have embellishment packets, which can be included, but you always get the first two.

Seam on pocket
First 1/4" seam on Sound Pocket



Turn under 1/4" on the upper edge of the Sound Pocket.  

We pressed it first to make it easier to stitch. 











Upper hem sound pocket
Second 1/2" seam on Sound Pocket



Now turn that same edge under again 1/2".

You can see the finished hem in the photo.










Sound pocket to back
Sew Sound Pocket to Back



Place the Sound Pocket against the back.

Wrong side of pocket goes against right side of back - in other words, both are right sides up, as you can see in the picture.

Pin and stitch to the outside of the seam line (you don't want this stitching to show when it's turned) just to hold them together while you assemble it all.  You could just pin everything together at once just before you sew, but as my British watercolor instructorm Janet Thackery, used to say, "It's a little fiddley".

Match the bottom edges, as you see.



back/sound pocket unit
Finished back with sound pocket





There's the pocket/back unit, and you can see the inside of the pocket.










Sound pocket/card
Sound Pocket with Sound Card







The Sound Card fits nicely inside!










Hanging ribbon on front
Hanging Ribbon on front



Whatever you choose for a hanger, it will go on top of the front.  Position the ends according to the pattern for the Ornament you are making; this one is 1/4" inside the top corners.

Stitch across the ends to the outside of the seam line just to hold in place.

Hint:  Place each end of the Ribbon face down the same way, so your hanger will look nice.  Avoid a twist in it.

For this Ornament, we've chosen a trim that must be sewn on by hand.  But most of the time, you'll have a trim to put on along the edge; so the trim goes face down first, outside edge of trim pointing to the inside of the front, against the right side of front, then the ribbon over it.  The order matters - this way will place the Ribbon Hanger behind the trim when the Ornament is turned.

Front to Ornament Back
Assembling the Ornament "sandwich"

Now place the front and back right sides together.  

Pin and stitch together, starting along the bottom edge (remember you need to leave about a 3" opening to turn with) and sew around the ornament to the bottom edge on the other side. 

 I like to stitch with the top up for two reasons: 1) I can make sure the open seams are stitched flat, and 2) since the trim & hanger were stitched to this side to hold them in place, I can see it and stitch just to the inside of this stitching, so it won't show when turned. 

Treemendous turned Ornament
Turned Ornament





Turn your ornament and pull out the corners and edges.

At the bottom, I used the tip of my iron to press a 1/4" seam across the opening on both front & back (you can see where I pinned it for the photo).  It makes it easier to hand stitch the opening shut later.









 It looks a little unfinished because it is!  Normally you would see the trim around the edge at this point, and all you'd have left is to stuff it, but since ours is to be handsewn on, there are still 2 steps left. And it will have such a cute trim - one of the glitzy ones in the Trims photo a few days ago.  Can you guess which one?

I'll be back later to show you!  Since that post will be fairly late, you may not see it until tomorrow, though.  So until then . . . .



It's a Digital World so Make an Ornament

We're just not letting up around here!

When I was busy in the "before" days, you'd hear me complain about running around everywhere, need to stay home, use too much gas.

Now it's my neck & shoulders hurt, my fingers are cramping and my eyes are tired!  This is it in a nutshell . . . . Digital Devices.  Computers, phones, iPods, iPads, MP3s, game players  . . . . . forgive me if I forgot your favorite!  Any one of them is enough to cause the listed symptoms, but most of us have multiples of these - plenty enough to do the trick.  We're always anticipating a new release, eager to toss aside the last 'amazement'.  Who would ever have imagined an antique or collectible called Atari?  And what about all those computers?  They're actually thought of as 'classic' and are known by make, model and year  . . . .  just like a car!

They're a necessity now.  

I'm hunched over them all the time.  My sewing machine (more computer then machine), my iMac, laptop, PC, iPad (like right now), iPhone,  . . . . . I could go on, but my fingers are cramping.  I needed an antidote.

So I got to thinking that some good, old-fashioned handwork (like embroidery & embellishment) would be just the thing.  So instead of handing off Ornament samples to be hand-stitched by someone else, I kept one group for myself.

And guess what?

I was hunched over!

My neck & shoulders hurt, my fingers were cramping, and my eyes were tired.

 I've really GOT to get out more!



OK.  So now you've probably figured out that I'm trying to distract you because I promised to finish-up the Tree-mendous Ornament yesterday and I'm LATE!  My fiberfill was hiding in the closet, but have it now and will post the finish later today.  See you in a bit!

Yours Always,




Making a "Tree-mendous" Ornament

Yesterday when you stopped by it was raining, then turned to mostly sprinkles.  But today it's starting to actually rain!  Yay!  It made a great day to curl up with a needle and work on my newest Ornament, Tree-mendous.

I couldn't take pictures of the embellishment process, but I'll explain below and THEN I'll Show & Tell you for the rest of it.  So grab your hat, this is kinda long, but I think you'll find it interesting, with a lot of tips & even a mini tutorial - here we go . . . . 

Treemendous tutorial photo #1

If you look back at this post photo a couple days ago, you can see that this is made from the choices on the right side of the photo.

Just Pieced:  It's so easy to do this one - just piece and embellish!  The pattern talks you through each step; putting the tree rows together, then piecing the front by adding the background rows in-between.  It would probably be best to quilt this one, but we didn't have time, so our samples for Quilt Market will not have any quilting. 

Now for Embellishment:  First I added the 3/16" buttons that you see above because the colors worked so well and I thought a variation in size would add interest.  I was really looking forward to using the little packages of sequins in the post photo (they were so darling), but when I added them to the lower tier of the tree last night, they just seemed distracting.  So I pulled out some of these little tiny (when I say tiny - these are probably 3/32"!), round sequins in pink, blue, gold and green, with beads to mostly match, and it worked!

I always say there's never enough embellishment, but I also know it's time to stop when it begins to take away from the look.  In this case I couldn't even get started, so simplifying was the answer. 

Here's a Tip:  As I stitched the sequins & beads on, I never cut my thread because the distance was SO small, but I knotted behind each one.  That's how I was able to remove the distracting (if cute) sequins without disturbing the rest.  And it saved me a lot of time not to have to remove them ALL.

Buttons for the Tree Trunk:  I found some buttons in decreasing sizes and the right colors.  They overlap the branches a little, but it makes everything look connected.

Fibers for the Button Embellishment:  The fibers used to sew the buttons on are an embellishment!  They are fairly thick in the needle and I had to use a large-eyed chenille needle (chenille needles are just a tapestry needle with a sharp point and like tapestry needles, they come with large eyes).  You may need to use an awl to start a hole in the fabric for each stitch depending on the fibers you choose, but mine worked fine with a little patient tugging.  As long as the fiber group will fit through the button holes, it will work.  Leave about 4" of tail to tie a square knot.  You may find it easier to do this if you sew the button on first with a single strand of sewing thread, once through the holes, just to hold it in place.

If you have Buttons with just 2 holes, turn them to the horizontal and go down from the top through one hole and come up through the other one.  

If your Buttons have 4 holes, you can just ignore the 2 vertical ones, or you can sew on this way:  Down from top through right horizontal hole, up through lower vertical hole, down again through the top vertical hole, then up through the left horizontal hole.  This leaves your tails so the knot will lie on the horizontal, which looks prettier!  Now it's time to tie the knot!

Square Knots are wonderful and will even keep pearl cotton from coming untied!  The reason it works is that the loops in the knot actually tighten on each other with movement, making it perfect for tied quilts & these buttons!  Here's a mini tutorial to help you learn to tie them.  Unfortunately, practice makes perfect!

Square knot tutorial 1



For this application, the 2 ends are on top of the button.  Another time the ends might be coming around something, but you would still have 2 ends to work with.

Get a length of something larger, like cord or rope and follow along so you can see what happens.






Square Knot tutorial 2

 Think about tying your shoes.  It's pretty much the same; it just matters which shoelace goes around the other one.  

In fact, this is a great knot for double tying your shoes - someone will have to wrestle you to get these babies untied!

The right side goes over the left on top, and then goes underneath it, which forms a loop.  Click on the image to enlarge it, so you can see better.

Square Knot tutorial 3



Now just pull the ends to tighten.

You're ready for the second loop.





Square Knot tutorial 4



This time the left side goes over the top of the right side, then back under it, forming another loop.

Click on the photo to see it up close.





Square Knot tutorial 5


Now pulls the ends to tighten.

You're DONE!

See how pretty it looks? 





Back to finishing the Ornament.

Tree-mendous finished buttons

Now to finish the ornament front, just trim the fibers a little past the edge of the button, as far as seems good to you.  I tried to fray some of them a little, just to make it more interesting - Don't worry, that knot is going to hold them!

Tree-mendous finished front


Here's the finished front!  Isn't it pretty?!?  You could do so many things on these trees - I was thinking about those little, teeny strings of miniature light bulbs that craft stores sell.  Wouldn't they be cute couched on top of the boughs?

So when you get to finish one for yourself, this is the point where you treat yourself to a cup of coffee (((((or a milkshake? shhhh))))) and take a few minutes to admire your work!

Tomorrow I'll be back to finish it, Sound Card and all!

Always Yours,




Peppermint Perfection Ornament

Since I was brought up in Oklahoma City, I just love a little 'weather'!  It's so exciting!  And that's what we're about to get in a little while now!  It's dark to the SW, the wind is picking up, the air smells different, and the light has that 'a storm's coming' feel to it.  Of course, here in Cypress, we don't really get much in the way of the storms of my youth, but it's still exciting.  And all the more when we need rain so much! 

But while we still had good light, I managed to take a picture of the most recent finished Ornament, which we got just this morning!  What do you think?

Peppermint Perfection Ornament
We love it!  It's sitting with its Heirloom Box from the Gift Package, which serves both as a gift box and as a storage box afterward.  It's very sturdy and has a hinged lid with a window in the top, as you can see.  Plus a beautiful, white satin bow comes with it.  You can see through the window, so you know just what's inside when you unpack for Christmas next  .  . . . .  H-m-m-m . . . . July?  Oh, that would be me!

 What a simple, easy gift it makes to get the Gift Package (Heirloom Box, Embellishment Kit & a pre-recorded Sound Card) and add a pattern, which fits right in the window.  Just tie the bow, and YOU'RE DONE!  And your gift-ee will love it because she has everything she needs right there! 

Tomorrow you can see us finish-up one of the Tree-mendous ornaments!

Thanks for stopping by!


Pat  (Just in time!  It's raining!  I'm going to stand on the patio and watch!)


New Singing Ornament Patterns

We're rolling right along, but not gathering any moss!  Finished writing the pattern for our next Christmas Singing Ornament and chose fabrics and some embellishments for 3 of them.  

I gave them all to Wilma to put together and test the pattern.  That is the usual process.   Right now, she has the makings for 3 sets of different samples!  They're all in different stages of completion, but it's close enough to Quilt Market that we have to think about how much time it takes to print the patterns.  We need to get started!

So Wilma is doing just one of each of them first, so we can have a finished sample to take a picture of for the cover - that's what starts the printing process.  But I'll tell you more about that later.   First here's a picture of a couple of the choices that went to Wilma earlier:


If I tell you that the name of the pattern is 'Tree-mendous!', can you guess what it's about?  Yes, it's the second tree of three!  But this one is completely different - AND a breeze to put together!  

What do you think of our embellishments?  Aren't they great?  I especially love those little sequins!  Won't they be perfect with pastel seed beads to hold them on?

I can hardly wait to see the finished ornament!  It's kind of like choosing something online that you want after going through all the different possibilities - then, when you make up your mind, put it in the shopping cart and pay for it, you really want it right now - but you've got to wait on the shipping!  That's where I am now - waiting on the finishing!

On to the next ornament pattern - it's all about Santa!

As Always - Yours,



Trimming the Ornaments

Hi, There!  Hope you're having rain, or if you've already had rain, hope you're enjoying your sunshine!  It's just so dry everywhere, you know?

We ourselves have had rain & now have sunshine.  And I realized I'd RUN OUT of trims for our little Christmas Ornaments - how could I have done that?!?  Then my One & Only said he'd take me where I needed to go; so we went.  

Oh!!! It was like being in a toy store.  It took me a couple hours and two different places, but I found some goodies!  These will be on the Singing Ornaments to come - I'll show them to you as they're finished.  Thought you'd like a look at a few of the trims now . . . .


These are SO fun!  And you'll see them between now and market (and then between market and Christmas) on more finished ornaments!

Don't you just love that lower left one with the little beaded edge swag?  And how about the beautiful pleated one next to it - and the gorgeous faux cord to the right?!?  These could Trim the Tree.  (That's a thought . . . maybe after market.)
We are thinking creatively and will use the glittery slinky ones, too.  And I don't know if you can tell it, but the red & white striped one at the top of the photo is little candy canes.  I'm not sure how we'll use it, but it's too adorable to leave in the package!

I'm not above gathering a regular ribbon down one side and using that, either, so I really have lots of possibilities.  You could even use an old standby and gather a length of fabric, hem the other edge, and use that - I think it would look great . . . . . Hmmmm . . . . that's a GOOD idea . . . believe I'll do that, too, and show you the result - OK?

Later, and I'll be the same . . .

Always Yours,



Whistle While We Work

AND we're singing, too!  To the tunes of our little Christmas Ornaments!  Every few days now we get the samples for a new one!  They're darling!  I mentioned we're having 3 or 4 made of each one to show Market attendees just how cute & pretty they can be all done up in different fabrics - and all dolled up with beads & sparkly fibers & buttons & ribbons & . . . . . . . . well, you get the idea!  

Just to help  you imagine them,  I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of what's on hand at the moment . . . . .

Trio of Snowy Tree ornaments

Just think of all the different ways you could do these little trees!  

A Handmade Gift

Something to Treasure

One of a Kind

It's fun to listen to the different Christmas carols play on different ornaments!  With just the press of a button, you can hear the recorded carol, OR with just the press of another button, you can record your own message - or singing, if you prefer --- of course, I want you to feel confident knowing that you can playback and re-record if you want . . . just a thought about that singing!

We have one available on the website now, Great Flakes!, so you can read all about it & about the things that go with it.  Embellishment kits will be available to make these easy for you to do and . . . . . Frustration Free!

When I get new samples it makes me whistle and it doesn't seem much like work!

As Always Yours!




Improving the Studio

My oldest granddaughter, Mekenzie (17), came to spend about 3 weeks with us and I sure enjoyed it!  We ate out and went shopping, sat on the patio and she showed me all her apps - wow, I learned a lot & found some cool new stuff to add!

On the other side of things, we put up a basketball goal by ourselves - OK, Dana (my One & Only) helped here & there (and we needed it) - and we worked in the Studio putting together 2 big shelving units and moving furniture around.  

Since she left I've added some furniture and removed some and rearranged and put away and . . . . .  I know you know how that goes!  Things are functioning a lot better but it may be a little while until I can 'feather' the Studio enough to give you some pictures.

Still, I thought I'd show you just a couple things that have improved.

cubby shelves

I so love the light that comes into my Studio!  The back side faces the south and has these upper windows that 'shed' & 'drop' light into the room.  It's just wonderful!  Kind of like having a skylight, but more.

ribbon rack w/empty lower shelves



We have so many patterns that include embellishment that we keep adding to this area.  Lots of things that belong here are in project boxes or bags waiting for new items to be finished!  

See those empty shelves below?  Well, that's not because we don't have things to put there!  Our SWEET Jake, the Springer Spaniel, just loves ribbon and embellishments!  And he has the best taste (literally)!  

If we leave him alone in the Studio, he'll eventually find a favorite from this shelf.  I'm not sure what we're going to do as we add.  He knows our stock really well, though, and can always suggest ribbon for a new design!





Here's another place he loves to get into - and I completely understand why!  We are collecting all our wool into these great baskets - so we can actually see it - and then they go on an upper shelf!

Wool in basket on floor

Isn't this beautiful?!?  It makes my mouth water!  We'll use some of these for our little Singing Christmas Ornaments.  We are making 3 or 4 of each one to show Market attendees how versatile they are and how cute & pretty they can be with different fabrics.  So as soon as it's over, I'll post pictures of our tree covered with them!  And maybe you can listen to some of the little songs, too.

Back tomorrow to give you an idea of some upcoming ornaments!  Just little bits.

Always Yours,



Quilt Market's Coming!

Hi, There!!  Hope your day started out as great as mine!  And, YES, I opened my email and sure enough there were the 70+ pages of info for Fall Quilt Market!  And they didn't forget me!  MY BOOTH IS # 334!!  We'll be just a couple rows over from last year, and we're even oriented the same direction.  

We'll also have most of the same great, fun, enthusiastic, friendly people in the booth again.  Did you know that last year an exhibitor down the aisle from us came over and said she'd never seen a group have so much fun, that other people had enjoyed it & how good it was to see - now isn't that nice?  (Ahem, I hope we weren't too loud!)  So come by and see for yourself!  It's a blessing to have fun while there's so much work to do!

So-o-o-o , in honor of that thought, I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the booth from last year.  On this picture I'll tell you how to find us!

My sister, Debbie, enjoying a quiet moment. You can see our signature flowers best in this shot. People often say they can look down the aisle or stand up on the second floor overlooking the convention hall and tell exactly where we are!

The pink quilt is called "Strip Easy" and lives up to its name. You can't imagine how quickly you can cut & piece this one! See the candy on the table? There are bags of extra out of sight to refill that jar! Market is so huge and shop owners often don't even take a break to eat, so we're glad to help them snack a little. They want to be careful not to have too much, but they're just so hungry!


One of our mini tabletop quilts. You can see the patterns and the Embellishment Kits. These small projects were very appealing!


The patriotic-looking quilt is called "Made in America". It's one of my favorites!! We tried to take pictures when the booth wasn't full, so you could see the booth. Debbie & I hung around just in case and everyone else went to do something fun or something necessary! It's kind of hard when things are so busy, but this year we'll try to get some pictures when it's full. We get to meet SO many wonderful people!
2011 Booth - red cabinet w/mini quilts
More of our little tabletop quilts, again with patterns & Embellishment Kits, and our Christmas BOM called "Merry Christmas to All".
A very popular item was our "Big Bag" in two versions. Great for a college student and their laundry (or anything else!) or maybe all those stuffed animals can finally be corralled!

Hope you enjoyed these!  While we work to finish up a number of new things for Market, I thought you might like to hear about the improvements we made to the Studio over the summer.  Next time!  But remember I'm

Always Yours,



A Change in the Air

There's just someting about Fall!  The light is different or something.  I can never quite put my finger on it, but whatever it is, it's my favorite time of year!  It is both peaceful (with cooler weather I can sit on the patio again) and exciting (with football games, the holidays coming - and Quilt Market!).  There's so much to do, and I feel like doing nothing at all . . . . well, maybe just for one day.  

And the yard is just begining to show it, too.  A few spots show the ravages of a long, dry summer, but these guys are still doing great!  (They look like curious giraffes, craning their necks to see what's going on!)


I'm excited because here in Cypress (Houston) we can grow Pansies all winter long and it will soon be time to plant them again - after Quilt Market and before Thanksgiving.  They're my favorite flower - I just adore their little faces!  Don't you?

Well, I've mentioned Quilt Market twice now and that's not a mistake!  Can hardly wait to get to the email waiting in my inbox from Quilts, Inc.  Bet it's my booth assignment - it's just about that time!  Be back tomorrow to let you know!

Always Yours,





New and More New

We're not little Elves, but we sure have been hard at work!  The website is updated with everything new, and it was all in the Daisy & Dell booth at Quilt Market this month.  I thought we'd have a mini Market Review of just us to highlight a few of the details!


All our new Christmas Ornaments are Singing OrnamentsTM

 This little snow guy is showing off his moves!  AND he's got the music to dance to right in his back pocket!

Great Flakes! is the first in our NEW SERIES of Christmas Ornaments (and maybe there'll be some of these for other seasons or holidays later)!  Pattern is available Dec. 1, and two more are coming fast.  They'll all be about 5" - 6" (not necessarily always a square) so they'll fit in the window of the Gift Package.  

He's lightly stuffed with polyfil, uses either fusible or hand applique, and as you can see, he's adorned with some darling buttons from Hillcreek Designs!  Simple embroidery in floss and sparkly fibers with some real fringe on his scarf!  Cute!   (All in our Embellishment Kit!)

AND he really has an optional back pocket to hold the Sound Card with a pre-recorded Christmas carol to play just by touching the button!  The Sound Card can be re-recorded with a message - or singing - of your own, if you prefer.  How about all the kids saying "Grandma, we miss you!  Merry Christmas!".


We are excited about our GIFT PACKAGE!  

It contains everything you need to finish your ornament, including the Sound Card & Embellishment Kit all packaged in a beautiful 5.75" x  5.75" x 3" Heirloom Box.  The Box has a window in the hinged top (hard to see in the photo) with a silky ribbon to tie over the top for a perfect presentation!  

Since the ornament and the pattern both fit in the box, you can just add the pattern and give to your quilting friends for a great project gift - they will have the box to store their finished ornament in and you won't have to wrap it since the Box is it's own packaging!  Or give your Handmade Ornament in the box to a lucky someone for a very special gift!  Then again you could make one for yourself and you have a storage box to keep it in for all the years to come.

So you can purchase the pattern alone, the pattern & Embellishement Kit, or the pattern & Gift Package, which is the best buy of all!

Can't wait to show you the new Christmas Block of the Month!  But it's late and will get to that tomorrow!

Always Yours,




Fall Market Update

I wanted to update you about our Fall Market attendance.  With the construction of our new space coming to a close (I'll catch you up with that in next post), we were looking forward to attending Fall Market with 2 new blocks of the month and more.  However, about mid-week last week I received news about my Mom's health, and I needed to visit her.  So Daisy & Dell cancelled their booth space at Fall International Quilt Market.  Thanks to Quilts, Inc. for their understanding!  With relief, as I write this, my Mom is OK and I will get to enjoy her a while longer!  Her children, grandchildren and greatgrands are very grateful!

If you'll keep an eye on the website, we'll have our new things up starting about mid-November (had to delay our print order, too, because no one would be there to receive it!), and start to move some basics into the new quarters.  

Something great to come from this is that Daisy & Dell will be attending Spring Market in Salt Lake City in May, and with many new things for you to see!  We are in a suburb of Houston, so it's easy for us to attend Fall Market, but this will be the first Spring Market we've been to!  We're really excited at the prospect, and I'll do some planning as soon as I get home!

That's about it for now.  If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call and leave a message, or order from the website (wholesale orders will need a wholesale login, which we can email to you).  I can often have orders filled even when I'm not there myself (the studio is closed right now), and I should be back within a few days, anyway.  Thanks for your patience, because we've sure had a year or so of this!  And remember, I'm

Always Yours, Pat




More Progress

There is a definite change in the air now.  Even last week was wonderful here in Houston - our humidity goes away and it gets cooler, too!  Something we don't have very often!  This is my favorite time of year - I just want to go sit outside!  But it's also the busiest; with fall market coming up and the holiday season after that.  I would never have turned down my husband's suggestion for more working space, but it sure has taken a bite out of my everyday days!

Wilma came to help me with the the Christmas block of the month.  We placed the last couple fabrics, ordered the fabric that was short for the borders (whoops!), and worked on putting together the cut list.  We checked and rechecked the cut and finished measurements for all the blocks that were actually cut, then cross-referenced those with the pattern measurements and "The List" (which becomes the cut list), and made changes where necessary.  I'm so glad I didn't have to do that all by myself - I'd have been cross-eyed!





They'll be using these right away!  Weathered-in means floors (of some sort), walls (of some sort), windows (windows are windows), and roof (just enough to close over).

















Look at this!  You can see the outline of things now.  If you look through to the back, you can see the windows are in along the back wall.  Up higher for more wall space!







Here they are - but, what's that? - Uh, Oh!  Looks like those little windows on the right are too far down.  We'll have to check the drawings to see.

But there's siding!  That counts for weathered-in!





Tar Paper added



They are moving FAST!  Now the tar paper is going on.  There is somebody working everywhere these last three or four days!






Roof going on


Finally!  The roof is on!  I can really breathe easy now because we're

Weathered In!!!!

AND, they're even starting to add the brick.  It's been 10 years since we built this house, so there's some question about how close the brick and grout will look to the original house.  Fortunately, our brick is on a list of those which can most easily be matched years later, but the grout? . . . . . he's not so sure.


Roof w:shingles




Here you can see a little better.  They throw all those bricks up there - not a single miss!  Doesn't it looks like fun to walk around up there!  H-m-m-m . . . . I'll have to think about a design wall for the new area (have just been working on tabletops so far), so I'm just wondering about that scaffolding . . . . . . . 


Continuing Saga . . . . .

Things have moved so fast for me, I didn't realize how long it's been since updating you!  Even though the office/studio addition is ahead in real time, I'll catch you up in the next few days.  Chris, owner of Thelen Homes, has kept crews so well scheduled that I can't imagine what next week will bring!  Meantime, here's where we left off:


Just wanted you to see the end of the de-struction phase in a full-feature, get the whole idea photo!  Well, anyway, was impressed to see part of my house at the end of the drive!  Enough dramatics.  Actually,  you can see the joists going in for the office (over the drive) - how exciting!

Now they are talking all the time about rain.  Chris' wife, Sonia, says he's better than the weatherman!  When I see him every morning, I get a weather report, so I believe her.  They don't want any rain on the exposed lumber and sub-flooring (to come), so it's a race for 5 days to get it "weathered in".    See those clouds in the background?  They have already caused us to be  8 days past our original start date.   At least now rain is only predicted in the afternoons - so maybe we'll get lucky!

Floor joists


They are laying the floor joists for the office and studio (over the garage).  They walk around on them like they won't fall through!  Never a mis-step!  See where the roof met the house on the right?  Soon it will be well up on the house roof.  And instead there will be a big HOLE there!





Chris observing wall framework



Now look a that!  Walls!  Chris is observing, but I guarantee he's walking on flooring!  Floors!






Wall framing from back


And you can see the windows at back of study.







Bay window frameup
And the bay window in office.  When someone sits on the window seat, they're suspended over thin air!  And it's supposed to have a storage compartment in the seat, but better be careful what I put in there, huh?

Drive view of frameup



Break time!  All the plywood in the drive is going to be the walls for the whole area per hurricane standards for this far in from the Gulf of Mexico.  Same for the 2 garage walls on 1st floor, including the shared wall inside the garage for support of the office/studio wall above.

Hope I'm not boring you - it just seems so interesting to me how it's all done!

Will begin to show you little bits of the new Christmas  block of the month we're working on for Fall Market.  Except for moments when I stop to take pictures or ask a question, I know I'd better work hard now, because when they put the hole through the wall into the house, things will change dramatically and become more difficult.

So on that note . . . . . !


One Adventure After Another

In a year with so much happening, you'd think we were ready for a breather!  But NO!  This may be the biggest adventure we've experienced this year, and I'm about to reveal it to you . . . . . .  Daisy & Dell is about to move into new Office & Studio space!!!!!!  We are still pinching ourselves to be sure we're not dreaming!  

We have spread far & wide here at home - too far and too wide.  So we're adding on to the house to accommodate everything.  I think the most wonderful thing about it is (besides having everything in one place and all together, and  knowing where things are without having to look for an hour to find them, and getting the closets back, and . . .) things will actually be organized:  

Or-gan-ized,  adj.,  orderly and effiicient.  

Wow!  I'd say that's exactly what we need!  I'm so thankful to my husband for launching off & taking this step!

So I thought you might be interested in seeing the progress.  When you were little, do you remember reading books in school and the inevitable story about the little boys, all lined up on some perch overlooking a construction site?  They could hardly wait each day after school to take their lunch boxes (with an after-school snack, of course) to their special spot and watch all the big machines, and the men yelling instructions, and everything going on at once.  Well, we're not constructing a skyscraper, but we thought you might be interested in seeing what's happening & joining in our excitement!

We're adding a second floor over the porte-cochere and the small garage at the front.  S-o-0-0-0, as you know, de-struction comes before con-struction.  But I take some comfort in that brick sitting on the drive.

Beginning tear down

Already there is a little brick down, now some more . . . . . .

And here's what it looks like up close.

Brick debris
Ugh!! What a rubble - and brick dust is everywhere!  It is truly amazing to watch them - really hard work - but it comes down in no time.

  Chris giving instructions

Here is Chris Thelen of Thelen Homes, giving instruction.  It is good to have him on site with all this going on!  His construction business is HIS ADVENTURE!  He knows what he's doing and is great to work with and we know he'll do well.  

He has spent lots of time explaining things to me about the how and why of what's going on.  I feel like the little boys watching the construction site.  I'd love to just sit down somewhere (with a glass of iced tea, of course!) and watch all these guys work - but they seem to be a little shy about that, so I pick my moments.  









Man removing brick over porte-cochere

This gentleman thought I was funny wanting to watch him knock the house down!  Do you see that window just to the right?  Well, he doesn't know it, but I peeked out a couple of times just to get a bird's eye view!  I was sneaky though 'cause I didn't want him to fall of his perch!

I'll have more tomorrow because they are moving FAST!!


Adventure or Tea?

Yippee !!  We have a NEW BLOG design and we love it!  Hope you do, too!  Don't the colors make your eyes twinkle?  And you should stop by our NEW WEBSITE !!  The basic design is the same, but the function is different.  The old served us for awhile, but we couldn't keep it updated ourselves because of it's initial programming, so we decided to have an adventure and changed everything at once!  We feel a little like we've been bunge-jumping - just all the ups and downs of learning something new, u..h..h... no..... everything new!  2009 put us to the test in lots of ways, but ... everything ... is much better now, and we're full of ideas to turn into patterns for you to stitch.  In fact, in the next several posts I'll show you another reason things are going to be even better.  Curious?

Have you noticed our by-line, just under the header at top?  This is really the question we face at Daisy & Dell everyday . . . . . adventure or tea . . . . . adventure or tea (?)  So, I have tea while I design, because that's the adventure for me!  I hope Peter Pan would approve.  What's yours?



New Live, Love & Laugh Quilt Kit


I think most of the country is covered in snow right now!  So maybe these quilt kits will brighten your day)!  The Live, Love & Laugh Quilt (46′ x 64″) is tucked inside!  All you have to do is put it together!  It’s from the fabric collection of the same name at Henry Glass Fabrics, then click ‘Collections with Limited Skus’ at the bottom of the page, then Live, Love & Laugh is the second one down.  Yes, this is my own line!  WoW!!!!  I still can’t believe it!!!  It’s been out since August & has limited skus now, but we have these kits to offer you!

You’ll have enough fabric for the top & binding, including the panel.  And the pattern, which is a project sheet, is included, of course.  And you get this CUTE, CUTE reusable bag made from the same collection!  You can see the contents below.  The panel has been folded to show the “Butterfly Bandits” block, but you can see the whole panel in the quilt photo!



Even though the fabric is limited now, I’d like to tell you about the collection.  I named some of the blocks in the panel. You can see the ‘Window Box’ in the upper right corner, ‘Up Close’ in the upper left (do you see the butterfly wing?), ‘Flower Bouquet’ down the left side, the ‘Flower Gallery’ & ‘Seed Packets’ across the bottom, and on the right side there’s the little block ‘Just for You’ that could be used as a tag on a gift – like the quilt you’re about to make!

All the panel blocks can be cut apart and used in any way you could imagine.  Soon I’ll have two pillow patterns out and the samples use these blocks cut-apart, so you can see what I mean.  I think you’re really going to like the idea!  Of course, you can use any fabric to take their place in the patterns or even use blocks from another panel!  As you can see in some of the closeups (below) of the individual blocks, the quilting in some of these is just AMAZING with tiny background designs & thread painting!  Many thanks to Mary Jo Yackley (Quiltin’ Time) for making room for me in your schedule.  You always make me look GREAT!!!! 


SO, IF YOU’D LIKE TO PURCHASE a kit or two, they’re $59.50 each.  Let us choose a cover color for you!  Just go to the How to Order page on the website and use whichever way is best for you to order.  The studio is closed through next Thursday (2/25), so we’ll fill orders when we return ASAP!  There is a limited supply, though, so don’t dawdle!

It’s such a perfect quilt for spring and summer!

I have a really cute free project to show you, which I’ll put up a few days after I return late next week!  I think you’ll really like it!  But right now it’s SWEET DREAMS for me!



A Real Get-Away!

This post is just about a favorite place of mine!  Our emergency turned out OK in October.  We were really tired after market in Houston, and since we already had reservations for a few days away, we decided to keep them instead of cancelling.

So-o-o-o, even though it’s been awhile, I thought you might be interested in some photos of our destination in West Texas. It’s a great place to go to clear your mind and reset!  Here’s the Gage Hotel where we stayed in Marathon – originally a ranch house. No TV and only this trip (out of 25 yrs. worth) did I notice the addition of phones. It’s quiet, quiet, quiet as far as getting away from …………!


This is the Courtyard looking through the gate. Some years ago this area of rooms was added and we always prefer to stay here rather than in the main hotel. It’s beautiful and a great place to sit and read, appliqué, etc.!  Design?!


Everything reflects the culture of the region, including the rooms inside. It really makes you feel like you are away from the everyday! The landscape is dry and desolate, just like the movies of the Old West. Pancho Villa used to raid all through this area. Big Bend National Park is just 1 hr. south with it’s sweeping views, dry, rocky mountains, colorful history, and the Rio Grande, of course! It has an awesome beauty, and despite it’s forbidding climate, it’s FULL of plant and animal life.


These are two other courtyard areas…..

and the outdoor area of their restaurant. Great food from their chef and if you want to just sit and sit at lunch, you can soak up the peace & quiet! (I don’t think you can take a nap in those chairs, though!)


OK! Now for some photos of the amazing landscape. With all my talk of peace & quiet, don’t get the idea there’s nothing to do!  The Park offers hiking trails galore, jeep & walking tours, birding, horseback tours, river rafting, etc. There is the River, the desert floor and the mountains, so there’s plenty to see even just by car. It’s an overwhelming place and I always seem to be able to put things in perspective when I’m here!

The dry air makes the evenings cool no matter how hot the day has been and that by itself is a big plus to those of us who live with the humidity in Houston!

The first photo below is on the desert floor across the creosote bushes to the mountains.

The flowers are Bluebonnets, but they’re a special variety called Big Bend Bluebonnets.  They are larger than the regular one that Texas is famous for, with a flower spike growing up to more than a foot high.

Then there is Santa Elena Canyon. This is just one of the canyons on the Rio Grande, but I believe it’s the most beautiful. The river is lazy in the summertime; wild in the spring!

This last photo is looking south into Mexico.  This area is home to mountain lion, black bear and peregrine falcon, among others.

Just wanted to show you a little of something special to me. It’s been great to look at all this again!  And since it’s getting late, it makes me think about that card the maid left on my pillow each night; it said “Sweet Dreams”. . . . . . . . .



A Beginning!

Hey!  It’s wonderful to have this outlet to let you know what’s going on with us!  And there’s been a lot!  Because it’s just after market and I have to leave for a few days, I can’t add photos for a little bit, but when I return, I’ll post some for you of our booth, etc.  I hope to keep you updated with all new things that are happening whether it’s fabric or patterns.  And my FAVORITE holiday is coming up soon (Christmas, of course – there is never enough Christmas!) – so there’s plenty to think about.  Plus anything else that may interest you.  Pattern updates and other things will come as they are needed, too.

You can see from my Notes on the Home Page that I have a new fabric collection!  WoW!!  Who would’ve thought I’d get to do that!!?!  It’s been fun and a lot of work, but really worth the nice comments at market this last weekend.  And, yes, I’ll have another one or two coming up later.  I’ll post the fabric line as soon as I can and tell you all about it with photos of the pillows we made with it!  And patterns and BOM’s to tell about, too!  This emergency trip has interrupted, but not for long.

I’ll have to go, but see you in a while!


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