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Something New!

Such a beautiful day here!  We ate breakfast outside in downtown Houston and didn't want to leave! 

Always, right in the middle of August, there is this subtle change that takes place. Have you noticed it, too?  It's still hot, dry, but we just b-e-g-I-n to see some mild fronts find their way al-l-l-l the way down here again.  As gradually as they leave in the spring, they return in the fall. Even though I talk about it coming (as if talking about its' coming might relieve some of the heat of July) and expect it to happen, I'm always surprised when it arrives!

Last week when Wilma was cutting fabric and I was writing patterns, trying to keep ahead of her, I remembered something I'd been wanting to try.  So later that afternoon I had the studio to myself and a cutting table all my own and thought I'd give it a try. This is an idea that Mary Jo Yackley showed me one time when I took a quilt top for her to quilt (she quilts all my models & personal quilts - not that I have many personal ones any more what with Daisy & Dell - and she's Te-e-e-e-riffic!).  Anyway, she said she wouldn't mind if I shared it with you.  So that afternoon I gave it a try - see what you think . . . . .

Bag finished
A Bag for Your Quilt!

OK.  I won't make you guess - it's a bag for your quilt! :)  You can make one for every quilt!      And the fabric on the bag is one of the fabrics used in the quilt!  Isn't her idea great!?  Now I'll never have to look to know what's in there, AND it is protected from light, dust & contact with acidy surfaces by perfect, breathable, cotton fabric. 

I'll have a new pattern out in the fall for the quilt rolled up inside this one! 

Here's how the bottom end looks . . . .

  Bag end

It's just a big yoyo!  And really easy to do. This took me about 2 minutes by hand. I'll show you how a little later!

Here's the top end  . . . . .

Bag top

Just a simple casing with a ribbon to gather it over the top of the quilt.  Since the casing is wider than the ribbon, you don't even have to run it through at the end. Just lay it in the fold as you're stitching the casing and when it's done, just tie a bow!  I loved that because I can never seem to find a safety pin when I need one!

This is just a prototype, and I'll want to improve a couple details. But it only took me 30 minutes to finish from the time I had the idea!  A little measuring . . . a little cutting . . . a little stitching.

Bag empty

After I folded the quilt in half lengthwise & rolled it up, I was able to use the wof (width of fabric) for its length, so it only took about 5/8 yd. Though it fit just fine (pins and all because the binding was pinned on) I would want a little more "wiggle" room on others, so maybe 3/4 yd would have been better.

Yes, it's NEW, but as soon as it's "New & IMPROVED", I'll show you how to measure and finish one for any quilt you may have.

It's good talking with you again, and remember I'm . . .

Always Yours,



Improving the Studio

My oldest granddaughter, Mekenzie (17), came to spend about 3 weeks with us and I sure enjoyed it!  We ate out and went shopping, sat on the patio and she showed me all her apps - wow, I learned a lot & found some cool new stuff to add!

On the other side of things, we put up a basketball goal by ourselves - OK, Dana (my One & Only) helped here & there (and we needed it) - and we worked in the Studio putting together 2 big shelving units and moving furniture around.  

Since she left I've added some furniture and removed some and rearranged and put away and . . . . .  I know you know how that goes!  Things are functioning a lot better but it may be a little while until I can 'feather' the Studio enough to give you some pictures.

Still, I thought I'd show you just a couple things that have improved.

cubby shelves

I so love the light that comes into my Studio!  The back side faces the south and has these upper windows that 'shed' & 'drop' light into the room.  It's just wonderful!  Kind of like having a skylight, but more.

ribbon rack w/empty lower shelves



We have so many patterns that include embellishment that we keep adding to this area.  Lots of things that belong here are in project boxes or bags waiting for new items to be finished!  

See those empty shelves below?  Well, that's not because we don't have things to put there!  Our SWEET Jake, the Springer Spaniel, just loves ribbon and embellishments!  And he has the best taste (literally)!  

If we leave him alone in the Studio, he'll eventually find a favorite from this shelf.  I'm not sure what we're going to do as we add.  He knows our stock really well, though, and can always suggest ribbon for a new design!





Here's another place he loves to get into - and I completely understand why!  We are collecting all our wool into these great baskets - so we can actually see it - and then they go on an upper shelf!

Wool in basket on floor

Isn't this beautiful?!?  It makes my mouth water!  We'll use some of these for our little Singing Christmas Ornaments.  We are making 3 or 4 of each one to show Market attendees how versatile they are and how cute & pretty they can be with different fabrics.  So as soon as it's over, I'll post pictures of our tree covered with them!  And maybe you can listen to some of the little songs, too.

Back tomorrow to give you an idea of some upcoming ornaments!  Just little bits.

Always Yours,



Fall Market Update

I wanted to update you about our Fall Market attendance.  With the construction of our new space coming to a close (I'll catch you up with that in next post), we were looking forward to attending Fall Market with 2 new blocks of the month and more.  However, about mid-week last week I received news about my Mom's health, and I needed to visit her.  So Daisy & Dell cancelled their booth space at Fall International Quilt Market.  Thanks to Quilts, Inc. for their understanding!  With relief, as I write this, my Mom is OK and I will get to enjoy her a while longer!  Her children, grandchildren and greatgrands are very grateful!

If you'll keep an eye on the website, we'll have our new things up starting about mid-November (had to delay our print order, too, because no one would be there to receive it!), and start to move some basics into the new quarters.  

Something great to come from this is that Daisy & Dell will be attending Spring Market in Salt Lake City in May, and with many new things for you to see!  We are in a suburb of Houston, so it's easy for us to attend Fall Market, but this will be the first Spring Market we've been to!  We're really excited at the prospect, and I'll do some planning as soon as I get home!

That's about it for now.  If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call and leave a message, or order from the website (wholesale orders will need a wholesale login, which we can email to you).  I can often have orders filled even when I'm not there myself (the studio is closed right now), and I should be back within a few days, anyway.  Thanks for your patience, because we've sure had a year or so of this!  And remember, I'm

Always Yours, Pat




More Progress

There is a definite change in the air now.  Even last week was wonderful here in Houston - our humidity goes away and it gets cooler, too!  Something we don't have very often!  This is my favorite time of year - I just want to go sit outside!  But it's also the busiest; with fall market coming up and the holiday season after that.  I would never have turned down my husband's suggestion for more working space, but it sure has taken a bite out of my everyday days!

Wilma came to help me with the the Christmas block of the month.  We placed the last couple fabrics, ordered the fabric that was short for the borders (whoops!), and worked on putting together the cut list.  We checked and rechecked the cut and finished measurements for all the blocks that were actually cut, then cross-referenced those with the pattern measurements and "The List" (which becomes the cut list), and made changes where necessary.  I'm so glad I didn't have to do that all by myself - I'd have been cross-eyed!





They'll be using these right away!  Weathered-in means floors (of some sort), walls (of some sort), windows (windows are windows), and roof (just enough to close over).

















Look at this!  You can see the outline of things now.  If you look through to the back, you can see the windows are in along the back wall.  Up higher for more wall space!







Here they are - but, what's that? - Uh, Oh!  Looks like those little windows on the right are too far down.  We'll have to check the drawings to see.

But there's siding!  That counts for weathered-in!





Tar Paper added



They are moving FAST!  Now the tar paper is going on.  There is somebody working everywhere these last three or four days!






Roof going on


Finally!  The roof is on!  I can really breathe easy now because we're

Weathered In!!!!

AND, they're even starting to add the brick.  It's been 10 years since we built this house, so there's some question about how close the brick and grout will look to the original house.  Fortunately, our brick is on a list of those which can most easily be matched years later, but the grout? . . . . . he's not so sure.


Roof w:shingles




Here you can see a little better.  They throw all those bricks up there - not a single miss!  Doesn't it looks like fun to walk around up there!  H-m-m-m . . . . I'll have to think about a design wall for the new area (have just been working on tabletops so far), so I'm just wondering about that scaffolding . . . . . . . 


Continuing Saga . . . . .

Things have moved so fast for me, I didn't realize how long it's been since updating you!  Even though the office/studio addition is ahead in real time, I'll catch you up in the next few days.  Chris, owner of Thelen Homes, has kept crews so well scheduled that I can't imagine what next week will bring!  Meantime, here's where we left off:


Just wanted you to see the end of the de-struction phase in a full-feature, get the whole idea photo!  Well, anyway, was impressed to see part of my house at the end of the drive!  Enough dramatics.  Actually,  you can see the joists going in for the office (over the drive) - how exciting!

Now they are talking all the time about rain.  Chris' wife, Sonia, says he's better than the weatherman!  When I see him every morning, I get a weather report, so I believe her.  They don't want any rain on the exposed lumber and sub-flooring (to come), so it's a race for 5 days to get it "weathered in".    See those clouds in the background?  They have already caused us to be  8 days past our original start date.   At least now rain is only predicted in the afternoons - so maybe we'll get lucky!

Floor joists


They are laying the floor joists for the office and studio (over the garage).  They walk around on them like they won't fall through!  Never a mis-step!  See where the roof met the house on the right?  Soon it will be well up on the house roof.  And instead there will be a big HOLE there!





Chris observing wall framework



Now look a that!  Walls!  Chris is observing, but I guarantee he's walking on flooring!  Floors!






Wall framing from back


And you can see the windows at back of study.







Bay window frameup
And the bay window in office.  When someone sits on the window seat, they're suspended over thin air!  And it's supposed to have a storage compartment in the seat, but better be careful what I put in there, huh?

Drive view of frameup



Break time!  All the plywood in the drive is going to be the walls for the whole area per hurricane standards for this far in from the Gulf of Mexico.  Same for the 2 garage walls on 1st floor, including the shared wall inside the garage for support of the office/studio wall above.

Hope I'm not boring you - it just seems so interesting to me how it's all done!

Will begin to show you little bits of the new Christmas  block of the month we're working on for Fall Market.  Except for moments when I stop to take pictures or ask a question, I know I'd better work hard now, because when they put the hole through the wall into the house, things will change dramatically and become more difficult.

So on that note . . . . . !


One Adventure After Another

In a year with so much happening, you'd think we were ready for a breather!  But NO!  This may be the biggest adventure we've experienced this year, and I'm about to reveal it to you . . . . . .  Daisy & Dell is about to move into new Office & Studio space!!!!!!  We are still pinching ourselves to be sure we're not dreaming!  

We have spread far & wide here at home - too far and too wide.  So we're adding on to the house to accommodate everything.  I think the most wonderful thing about it is (besides having everything in one place and all together, and  knowing where things are without having to look for an hour to find them, and getting the closets back, and . . .) things will actually be organized:  

Or-gan-ized,  adj.,  orderly and effiicient.  

Wow!  I'd say that's exactly what we need!  I'm so thankful to my husband for launching off & taking this step!

So I thought you might be interested in seeing the progress.  When you were little, do you remember reading books in school and the inevitable story about the little boys, all lined up on some perch overlooking a construction site?  They could hardly wait each day after school to take their lunch boxes (with an after-school snack, of course) to their special spot and watch all the big machines, and the men yelling instructions, and everything going on at once.  Well, we're not constructing a skyscraper, but we thought you might be interested in seeing what's happening & joining in our excitement!

We're adding a second floor over the porte-cochere and the small garage at the front.  S-o-0-0-0, as you know, de-struction comes before con-struction.  But I take some comfort in that brick sitting on the drive.

Beginning tear down

Already there is a little brick down, now some more . . . . . .

And here's what it looks like up close.

Brick debris
Ugh!! What a rubble - and brick dust is everywhere!  It is truly amazing to watch them - really hard work - but it comes down in no time.

  Chris giving instructions

Here is Chris Thelen of Thelen Homes, giving instruction.  It is good to have him on site with all this going on!  His construction business is HIS ADVENTURE!  He knows what he's doing and is great to work with and we know he'll do well.  

He has spent lots of time explaining things to me about the how and why of what's going on.  I feel like the little boys watching the construction site.  I'd love to just sit down somewhere (with a glass of iced tea, of course!) and watch all these guys work - but they seem to be a little shy about that, so I pick my moments.  









Man removing brick over porte-cochere

This gentleman thought I was funny wanting to watch him knock the house down!  Do you see that window just to the right?  Well, he doesn't know it, but I peeked out a couple of times just to get a bird's eye view!  I was sneaky though 'cause I didn't want him to fall of his perch!

I'll have more tomorrow because they are moving FAST!!

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