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Market & Festival 2013 - A Quick Review

Finally we're home again!  Glad to have everything here after Quilt Market & Quilt Festival.  Now that the last step is over, I thought you'd enjoy just a few photos.

Booth, Market 2013

You can see our three Blocks of the Month and along the back wall our quilt samples for new patterns.  We always take the BOM's because there are always so many people who have never seen us before!  Our new quilts proved popular, especially the Rose Garden quilt with the yoyos!  It's on the left of the back wall.  Then Picnic in the Park, and Summer Day, which you can see in the next photo in the corner.

Booth Market 2013 Wilma & Morganne

Wilma, in the blue, and Morganne, on right, answering questions for interested shop owners.  You can see our Ornaments trimming the Christmas tree.  And our Flowers are now a classic!

Market 2013 booth

And the other end of the booth.  The table holds all our free materials for shop owners to take with them and at the far end our sales sheets and, of course, CANDY!

Market 2013 Morganne & Wilma 3

Morganne (my granddaughter) & Wilma straightening and resupplying.  They are camera-shy and hard to get a picture of!  But they are experienced and indispensible!

Just a couple pictures of some of the displays.  This one was amazing by Shamrock Fabrics!  A whole barnyard full of animals made from their fabrics, complete with hay bale, campfire and fence!  Notice the chickens back of the sheep and the little mouse to the left edge of the hay bale!

Shamrock Fabrics display

Here you can see the pig and piglets a little better.  So creative!

Pig- Shamrock Fabrics display 2013

Just a LITTLE of Aurifil Threads miniature golf course.  I later saw people actually playing!   Very fun to watch!

Market 2013 Aurifil Threads display

Here are some of the darling samples made from various collections by Riley Blake Designs!

Market 2013 Riley Blake Fabrics



Look at the yoyo on this darling dress



Now we must make the change to Quilt Festival!  

Because of our time frame, we tear down and set up at the same time!  A double booth at Market becomes a single booth for Festival, so half of certain things in the double booth must be packed and taken back to the studio while other things are moved over to the single booth area for Festival.  Then we must add so many quilts, tables, patterns, embellishment kits, fabric kits, tree ornaments and baskets & baskets to hold everything in.  It's a real job!  In 5 hours, we've done the majority of the change- at least the hard part, which is positioning and hanging quilts.  The flowers were set up in the beginning of Market to be in 2 sections, so we just took down the part hanging in the first half and took it home, leaving the half needed for Festival already in place and ready to go!  We tweaked a little, but not much!


We're mostly all alone for a while!  You can see the emply space on the left of our set-up where the other half of our Market booth used to be!  Much of our inventory for the tables is underneath them, and tomorrow we'll be bringing in a lot more, so that the entire space is filled with enough to keep us resupplied as we sell things.


Here's a photo down the aisle.  The big boxes you see are waiting to be picked up by forklifts and shipped away.  The changeover leaves a big mess, but after all night this night and most of the next day tomorrow, work continues to set up for the new configuration for Festival, move out all shipping containers, re-lay the carpet and get ready for people to set up the individual booths again late in the day tomorrow.  Festival preview night begins the next day!


This is a view across from our booth!  All this trash will be gone when we come back later tomorrow. . . . . really amazing when you consider all there is to do!  It will be beautiful!


Here's the end result of our efforts!  




We were really loaded with good things!  And everyone loved our Christmas tree.  The bags hanging to the left of the tree are these great mesh bags, brightly colored, in many different sizes!  They are so handy and there is a size for every need!  We'll have some on the website as soon as possible.  They make great Christmas presents for a sewing or traveling friend.

image from http://aviary.blob.core.windows.net/k-mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp-13110805/aae48b6c-9024-4a41-abd7-4b5b3644a626.jpg

We met so many interesting and wonderful people!  And we've seen so many friends!  Thanks to all who came by the booth!  We're looking forward to the success of the year ahead and to sharing new designs with you!

Always Yours,





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