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Lullaby Lamb Fabric Kits

Hi, there!  It's another beautiful day here in Texas - just a little too hot, still!  But I know it's going to improve soon.  I read Susan Branch's blog and she has pictures of beautiful, colored leaves and COOLER temperatures, so I know it will happen here eventually.

In the Spring I always try to encourage those to the north that it's warming, flowers are blooming, trees are leafing . . . . so they know it's on its way.  Now it's time for the reverse, and I know it will take a little time for the cool to reach us a-l-l-l-l the way down here, so it helps me be patient to know it's on the way!

MEANTIME, we've been stitching and cutting and packaging and photographing.  And now we have something to show you - the first of our Fabric Kits are ready for you to buy!  

Our Lullaby Lamb Fabric Kits!!  We think these are so cute!  Not only is this the most darling baby/children's quilt, but you can have it in the cutest little basket ever!  What do you think?

Lullaby Lamb Kit - Girls' Version

That's Beatrix and she's trying to tell you all about the Girls' Version; she's very enthusiastic!  I'll translate.  But first, maybe you'd like to see the Boys' Version.

Lullaby Lamb Kit - Boys' Version

 Oh, yes, here's Harry tying to tell us all about the Boys'!  Maybe I'll just tell you about the little baskets and we'll go back to Beatrix & Harry in a second.

The baskets are made of sheet metal and VERY sturdy!  I just love their wheels (stationary), and there are touches of glitter and sparkle all over.  One butterfly sits on the pull handle and the other one on top of the basket handle, looking like little jewels!  They are about 12" x 4" x 12".  After you make your quilt, you can fill them with a baby bath set, some darling little clothes, or so many other things.  Give it filled as a gift itself, or it can accompany your Lullaby Lamb Quilt filled with receiving blankets!  Now wouldn't that make someone smile!  Or maybe you'd like to keep it yourself!

Here you can see them when they're not chock full of fabric . . . . 

The Girls' kit can come in all 3, but the Boys' kit will be in either light purple or yellow.  There is a limited supply.  When they're gone, the kits will be packaged differently, but still not in a plastic bag, if we can help it!  Looking for alternatives now, because we know these won't last long!  



Here's a little closer view of the basket.  If you click on the photo, you can see a larger version, and you can see how cute the wheels are!









Now you can see the little butterflies with their sparkle!







The original Lullaby Lamb quilt, pictured on the cover of the pattern.  Of course the fabrics you'll be getting are just out, so it will look a little different, but still in keeping with ours.  We believe you'll be pleased!  Notice the bell & ribbon bow (not included) . . . a simple touch, but makes a wonderful presentation!

Now I'll translate what Beatrix was trying to tell us!  


The Celebration fabrics for the Girls' Kit, starting with the outer border fabric on the left, pinks for chenille, lavender for lamb head, etc., white background & white border squares and 3 extra fabrics for inner border squares; binding varies but from the same fabrics.  With this outer border from Bunny Hill Designs, your little chenilled lamb will be surrounded by . . . . cute little lambs!

You'll also receive 1 skein pink floss for face details, 1 skein pearl cotton to tie the middle of each curlycue in the chenille, and of course, the Lullaby Lamb pattern.  Purchase from the Website!



Here's the original Lullaby Lamb Quilt in blue for all our darling little boys!  Notice the bell & ribbon bow again. Nice finish!  Just like lambs in a meadow!

You'll be receiving fabrics from the Celebration line from Bunny Hill Designs from Moda Fabrics, just as with the girls' version. They have an up-to-date look, but still a traditional feel.  

Yes, of course, Harry, I'll tell them everything you said!


Celebration fabrics for Boys' Kit, starting with the outer border on the left, red gingham for both binding & inner border squares, white background square & white border squares, dark & light blue for chenille body, extra fabrics in yellow & green gingham (this also for nose/feet) for border squares, and light blue for head, etc., and light & dark blue double for border squares, too.  Love that red gingham binding!  Doesn't it sound baby boy perfect?!  For a little boy, too!

You'll also have 1 skein dark blue floss for face embroidery, 1 skein dark blue pearl cotton to tie each curlycue in lamb chenille, and of course the Lullaby Lamb pattern.

 Here's a closeup of the chenille in the Lamb body.  It is compact and interesting, isn't it?  And it FEELS wonderful!  Little ones love it's softness!

This one's been washed just 3 or 4 times because it's a sample quilt.  But my youngest granddaughter had this quilt as a baby quilt and it's been washed quite a number of times, without any differemce in the look.  This stands up very well to little ones!  

Beatrix wants me to remind you that both versions of the Kit include the pattern and are shipped in a cellophane bag, so the contents stay together until it arrives at your house!

Between Beatrix, Harry and me, I think that more than covers it!  Go to the Website to purchase these! 

We have other kits coming soon, so bookmark or subscribe for the latest updates - kits are limited!  

As Always Yours,


P.S. Harry wants you to know that he and Beatrix will be back, along with some of their friends, to introduce future baby & seasonal items!


Breakfast with Fiesta

Hi, Everyone!  

I was making my breakfast as usual this morning and I had to hunt for my new favorite pan!  I mean, I have 2 now, so am I going to have to have 1 more?  With just 2 of us, the dishwasher is never full before I need everything in it again!  I know, I could handwash, but . . . 

My breakfast is super simple every morning, so I like having super simple things to fix it with.  And this new pan is just exactly perfect for my purpose - about 5 minutes from my first yawn in the kitchen to everything on the plate, the first cup of a fresh brewed pot of coffee in the same 5 minutes, my favorite everyday dishes (Fiesta) and a beautiful napkin (it's just so cheery), and only 1 pan to put in the sink!  5 minutes and I'm heading to my library (a very cushy spot) with my cheery plate full, a delicious cup of coffee and my iPad.  Perfect!

When everything's over, I head back to the kitchen and there's only ONE pan in the sink to greet me.  Prior to this I have used large & small skillets for my eggs, until my Mom found a little, bitty 1-egg pan at the grocery store.  But it was really Too Small.  I like 2 eggs for breakfast and this one was definitely 1-egg!  So I continued to keep an eye out . . . . . and sure enough, I was looking at a Fiesta dinnerware display and there it was . . . Fiesta cookware - and there was this (very pretty) little skillet about twice as deep as the 1-egg one!  I bought two!  Here it is, in case you need one, too . . . .

Fiesta's littlest skillet with dinnerware


Fiesta's 5" skillet in turquoise to match their dinnerware

 I think their logo is fabulous!  So very 30's, so very stylish!  So far, this comes in 4 of their colors to match their dinnerware.  For the handle, you need one of their beautiful and functional mitts.  In keeping with my desire for minimal mess, I just use the napkin I have for my meal!

Fiesta 5" skillet
Only 2 eggs here, but could hold 3!


You can see that it's a 2-egger, and I even added some butter & diced onion before the eggs for a little extra flavor.  This little pan is not only perfect in size, but it's ceramic so absoutely nothing sticks to it.  No scrubbing and no coating to come off in little bits as you use it! 




I think there will be other uses for it too, that I'll discover in time.  Melting butter in it will be really handy!

Now I'll admit it's a challenge to turn the eggs over.  I only have 1 small spatula and it's not small enough  . . .  Hmmm . . .  guess I'll have to keep my eye out for just the right spatula . . . 



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