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Coming Soon! Fabric Kits!

Hello to everyone!  It's Friday!  And though I work in some way or another all the time (including doodling, thinking up a new design while loading the dishwasher, taking notes about things that inspire me, . . .), I'm declaring a 'lite' day today!  Lite Frid'y!  How about you?

As you can see below we have been working at some fun things - cutting up fabric for kits!  It's so exciting to design, plan, order, receive, unpack, cut, fold & package all this beautiful fabric.  We have several kits planned, so I'll show you as we go along (Hint:  they will not all be from our own designs).  Some will be up on the website fairly soon and others a little later.

All of us agree that packaging makes all the difference, so we're avoiding the usual kit in a plastic bag.  We're betting you'll enjoy something different - in most cases reusable - and that it'll make you smile, oooh & aaah!  So keep checking back!

We started with this . . . . .



And after a bunch of others like it, we began to have this . . . . .



And some more like this . . . . .


We have all this to work with for 2 NEW patterns . . . . .



And this, too . . . .


How darling it that little lamb?!  With that in mind, you won't be surprised when I say that we will have both boys' and girls' baby quilt kits from our Lullaby Lamb pattern.  This is Anne Sutton's Celebration fabric line from Moda.  Just as soon as we can get it cut, it will be online!

For now that's it - but much more for later!




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