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March Free Bunny Pattern is Here!

Such SWEET little Bunnies!  Look at those fluffy tails!  Perfect in Someone's Easter Basket!

March free Bunny - 3 samples
Tails & Ribbons & Bows! Oh, My!

The left one is wool with a tail of wool fiber, the others are regular cotton with cotton floss tails.  We used a Clover pompom maker of 1" and another one of 1 3/8" sizes.  These are really handy! But you can make a tail from just winding fiber around a couple of your fingers, or anything else that's the right size; just so you can slip it off and tie.  You can see that the floss tails have a finer look and the one on the left from the heavier wool fiber is coarser.  It's variegated and makes a beautiful combination of colors!  

Another way to get a speckled tail is to just use 2 different colors, using one about 1/3 of the other.  Wind it along with the main one, so you have the color throughout instead of all in one place when it's finished!  Try pink, gray or white with a little brown.

Single bunny detail
Machine stitching along the embroidery gives a quilted look.

If you don't want a pompom tail, use a 1" button OR make a yo-yo and fasten to Bunny with a small button in the center.  Use a combination of these on several Bunnies, so they're all different!

 Since you're going to make a whole basketful of these sweeties, you'll want to turn the pattern over and trace so some of them face the opposite way.  AND make some with wool on one side and cotton on the other.  OR you could even embroider both sides and make them double-sided (mirror the pattern for the opposite side, match up embroiderd lines on front & back, and pin to machine stitch next to them). Sooooo would you make 2 pompom tails (?) or use a button on one side with a pompom on the other and sew them both on at the same time??

Oh!  I guess you'll be needing the pattern!  You can go to the website and download, or do it right here (we won't make you wait) March Bunny Pattern.

Bunny on doorknob
Your fabric & ribbon choices can change it from a sophisticated to a cottage-y look!

Handmade for Family & Friends!

We'll be back soon with the April Pattern!  It's a little more whimsical, but just as cute!  Meantime, we'll be Show & Telling you about everything that's happening.  In fact, we're going to Tucson again next week for a short time off and will have some pictures of that amazing area!  Will of course be writing the blog from there (depending on how the wind blows :) - connections can be spotty!) so can also show you some of the handpainted canvases I'll be needlepointing while I'm there!

Yours Always,



Whoops! Try the January Free Pattern Again!

I guess you discovered it before we did. The January Free Snowman Pattern was uploaded incorrectly!  What you saw was just a draft, without the drawing or photos or any of the magic that Sue does to make it fun to look at!

BUT IT'S ALL FIXED NOW!  Go to the website to the 'Free For You' page, or go back to the last post. and click on the link for the pattern you were expecting!  It's waiting right there for you!

I'm hoping we can have March for you before the end of the week!

Always Yours!



January Free Pattern is Here!

Have you been to the website?  What are you waiting for? The January free pattern is there (the one that was delayed, of course)!  It is so cute, you'll think it worth the wait!  And you'll be ahead on your Christmas giving/packaging for next year!

 Here are the 3 samples we made . . . . . .

Jan green snowman small Jan blue snowman small Jan Free Red Snowman - small

Don't they look Happy-Go-Lucky?!  They are because they know that though they're Flaky, they're also Darling!  Don't you agree?

You can click right here January Snowman  and download the pattern, too!  

There are many ways to make these different, so you can make a bunch of them . . . . . is that right(?) . . a gaggle of geese, a flock of birds,  a herd of horses . . a bunch of snowmen , , , Hmmm.  How about a treeful of these cuties!?  You may notice that the first Snowman has embroidered arms, but it's a little difficult to see the twig arms on the other two.  They were fun to do; I just snapped twigs from my quince and one of the yaupons, let them dry inside a day, then cut to size.  Just glued them in place with white craft glue in between the back and batting, then waited overnight to dry.  If you'll add a little glue between the front and batting at that point, too, you won't have to stitch the top to batting at the end.  It's not possible to stitch all the way through after you've glued because, although it's flexible, it's too hard for a needle, and you don't need to anyway - it's NOT coming open!  A little dab'll do 'ya!

Change the buttons.  Make them different shapes and colors, as we have above.  It would be fun to have one that used different colors for the body buttons!  We'll do that, too, because we're going to make a bunch (there's that term again) to hang on our tree at Market, so our Singing Ornaments have a few extra friends!

All the Snowmen above are made from wool - so nice to work with and they feel good in your hand, but you should try some with regular cottons or a combination.  We'll be doing that, too, with more samples!  Try using some blush on a Q-tip or the end of your little finger to make the cheeks, if you don't want to embroider them, just embroider an outline of the circle instead of filling it in, etc.  And if you don't have the carrot nose, just trace the nose and embroider it, instead.

Earmuff buttons are stitched to the allowance, so you can see his face.  The 'wire' is either actual 22 gauge craft wire, which comes in a rainbow of colors, or DMC's memory 'thread' which is a thread-covered wire, also in many colors!  They both work great, so you could get some of both and just choose the color that works best from either one!  We used both!

In spite of the CUTE details, they're fast and fun to make!  And as you can see, so cute hanging on the tree.  How cute would they be on someone's package, or on the dinner table as a napkin ring?

We're about to bring you the March pattern, so better get started on these right now!  Have fun!

Always yours,


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