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February Free Pattern & Kits

So did you go to the website to download the pattern?  And the Kits page to order some of the kits?  Don't delay, the stock is limited!

I made the samples you see myself!  It had been so long since I'd done anything at my machine, I just had an overwhelming sense of satisfaction at the idea of making something myself. You know, hands-on!  Sure, I'm always doing things related to making something . . . drawing or designing or computer work or writing for a pattern, blog, website (or making a list of things to do or write).  But not actually doing it; Wilma usually puts everything together (and so beautifully!).  So it was really fun . . . Hmmmm . . . I think I'll have to do that again.  I really would like to finish some of those UFO's I've got put away!

But back to the present!  It was no wonder it was fun because these little Hearts are really Easy to do, meaning Fast & Fun!  I made 2 Kits worth, so you can see from the photos that makes a nice group for just about anything you'd want to do.  If you want to give some away, you might want another Kit (each one makes 9 Hearts).

So while you're making out your Valentine list, I'll show you just a few ideas to get your inspiration going.  Here's the whole gang!  See the 9?  They're made from the very same fabrics that are in the Kit; there are 81 combinations possible . . . well, practically there are 72, because you wouldn't use the same color for the small heart as for the large.  But I digress.:) 

Free February 2013 Hearts from Kit
I love the Gray in the color group!

The Kit contains the Flirt fabric by Sandy Gervais from Moda.  Isn't it pretty? 

Hearts on french doors
You could even hang one on the front door outside on Valentine's Day!

These are only hung for the photo and the idea.  If I actually left them there, Jake would think they looked good enough to eat!  They'll fit over a round knob, too.

Feb. Heart Garland
A 'wandering' garland is still eye-catching!

The garland has 2 Kits worth of hearts, except for 2 (I know you're counting & finding only 16).  One I saved to use in the next idea, and the other one got lost in the ET photo (I'll show you in a minute) & didn't make it into this one; otherwise, there should be 18!  

I like the random look, but later I'll show you how it looks in the standard style, which I think I'll like best.  The hearts are hung on 2 1/2" strips cut from the same heart fabrics.  Then they're just tied together and strung across the candle holders.  The hearts are attached with miniature clothespins.  With fewer strips, it would have a less random look.  So you would just adjust the strips for the place you want to use it!

Single Heart closeup





Here's a close closeup!  I used a .01 sepia colored Micron pen to trace with but you can't see the line when you stitch over it.

These edges were cut with pinking shears, but you could use a different design on any decorative edge scissors.











Valentine tree display



Here is another photo of a Valentine tree covered with the same hearts!  This is the one I referred to as the ET photo.  There's lots going on here, but I thought you'd have fun taking a look!

The tree is temporarily anchored in a vintage McCoy pottery flower pot.  Can you see the stepped down 'skirt' design?  Beautiful!  And that color!!!

The Flirt fabric has a light coral-ly shade to the reds and pinks in that collection, but it mixes beautifully with the truer pinks and reds around it.







One last idea and I'll call it quits!  (But it's been fun looking at the photos, hasn't it?  Just like this little book with all it's pictures!)  


Heart bookmark - cover of book
'Never Too Little to Love' book with our Heart Bookmark!


I just loved this idea!  You can do this easily with some of the hearts in the Kit.  You should make the ribbon 13" to 15" long.  If you have a specific book in mind, measure the length of the spine and add 2" at each end (4" total).  You'll need the 2" so the heart can hang over the edge of the cover and not get caught in the pages or under the book!  Instead of attaching the small heart to the large one with the button, just add the button to the large one at one end of the ribbon and stitch the ribbon to the small one at the other end.  Now you can give the Heart Bookmark with a book.  What a special gift!

This children's book by Jeanne Willis & Jan Fearnley is simply adorable!  Take a look inside:

Inside book w/Heart bookmark

See the hearts on the right page - and our Bookmark is perfect.  The end of the story is very sweet!

End of book with Heart bookmark

For ages 1 & up (all the way to me!).  The pages are heavier because of the format of the book.


Heart Bookmark w/iPad


So here's the end of our Heart blog!  There are other ideas for them that come to mind, but I'll leave that to your imagination!

So try some . . . have fun . . . . give some & put a smile on someone's face!

That's what it's all about!

Back Tomorrow!



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