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Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy YOUrself!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  

Hope you're going to do something special today!  If you have a sweetheart, you probably already have something planned, but you don't need a sweetheart to have a great Valentine's!  Enjoy YOUrself!  Plan to do something you really enjoy & don't often make time to do.  One of my favorite things is to curl up in a chair with some popcorn ....m.m.m.m.....and watch a favorite movie - either on the TV or on my iPad.  It's usually one I've seen a million times but love every time I see it!  Watch 2 in a row! Sometimes I like to watch the original movie and then the remake right after it.  Or watch the same one twice - just veg out for once!  Or after work, give yourself some time to work on the quilt you had to put aside a while back - or start that new block of the month you want to have!  Treat yourself!  If you're in the middle of snow & ice right now, staying in may be the only option.  

Here in Houston we've had a cold snap but still have daytime temps in the 60's.  I was surprised to see what's been going on outside while I wasn't looking!  I noticed it while I sat on the patio (south facing) for about an hour (then it got too cold), so I took some pictures for you who are snowbound to let you see what's coming your way! 

Redbud Blooms
The Earliest Redbud Blooms


Yellow Pansies
These yellow Pansies really light things up!


Winter flower pots
A group of winter flower pots to brighten the deck


Azalea blossoms
First Azalea blossoms


Pansy Border
In-ground plantings finally get some sun!


Quince blooms
Quince blossoms are in full swing! The whole bush in covered!


Cyclamen in blue pot
Cyclamen loves our warmer winter, but these got bitten a little by the frost this A.M.


Closeup of Cypress leaves
Cypress leaves can hardly wait to emerge!


Cypress tree leaves closeup
They just caught the sun, which was out most of the day.

 Everything seems in such a hurry to wake up!  So it's made our Valentine's Day a little more special.  Hope these photos have added a little "bright" to your day!  

Sit down and make a few of our little hearts from the February Free Pattern.  It won't take long and all you have to do is go to the website and download the pattern.  Then add one to each place setting at lunch or dinner!

As Always, Yours with Hearts & Hugs!



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