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Free Heart Pattern Photos

 Hi, All!  I promised this photo yesterday, so here is the Heart Garland in a more standard style.  I really like it!  (And it's out of Jake's reach; he's a very curious poochie.)  Since the fabric strips are tied together, it's easy to shorten by just removing a few.  It would be pretty hung in lots of places!  I was thinking I'd move it (carefully) to my library and just set books on the ends to hold in place.  Or maybe in front of the dining room windows!

Heart Garland


Hearts Garland
I like this one the best! How about you?

This one is probably in Jake's reach though; but I think I'll leave it and hope he doesn't notice!  Dangerous . . . I could lose the candle holders, too . . . Hmmmm . . . . .


Here are the packaged Kits so you can see the contents.

Hearts packaged 1


I noticed that quite a few of you have already downloaded the Free Heart Pattern!  Have fun!  And remember, a Heart is great for decor, on packaging, or as a gift anytime!  Hint:  It slips into a gift card envelope very easily - just a little extra postage and you've sent a card with the gift, too, in just an envelope!

Hope your day so far has been great!  And filled with quilting, handwork or whatever puts a smile on your face!

 Always Yours,



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