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Cold But Cozy

It is Cold, Cold, CoId!  See what I mean?

Winter Robin
He's all fluffed up, like me - only I'm inside, not out!

Woke up early this morning and couldn't stop my 'thinker' from going, so just got up.  Turned on my kettle and fixed some tea (coffee just didn't seem right) . . . . .

Mug of tea w/peppermint stick
There's Taylor's tea in there!

. . . . . and I worked on one of my samples for the January Free Pattern.  It's SO CUTE!  I think you'll like it!  And it's siimple enough that you can make a pickup load!  Simple is the cornerstone of our once a month Free Patterns this year, so don't miss any; at the end of the year they'll be up a little longer (I'll warn you), then gone, so download them as we go!  

Cold as it is, I don't want winter to go yet!  I'm not quite ready to let go of my flannel quilt in the recliner, or a cup of Taylor's tea on a cold morning (like now!), or the smell of potato soup or stew on the stove in the afternoon when it's pouring rain (I'd rather have snow, but it's Houston and there's only one chance of that in 25 years!). I am seldom bothered by day after day with clouds or terrible weather.  To me it's just an excuse to do something I love; embroidering, sketching, graphing a new design, reading, watching a movie on my iPad (with my Beats headphones - OH! Just wonderful!).  And I feel all "tucked in" at home.

When we lived in northern England, I was about the only one who didn't have too much trouble with the short winter days.  The sun was "up" about 9:00 a.m. and set a little after 3:00 p.m.  The sun really never got too far above the horizon, so the light wasn't bright, either.  Together with their normal tendency to rainy & cloudy days all year, it could be a challenge!  I needlepointed during long evenings in front of our coal fire and finished three of Kaffe Fassett's beautiful pillows while there!  By the time we were transferred home, though, even I was ready to see some Texas sunshine!  REALLY, REALLY miss England, though!  Part of me is still there.

England house w/wisteria
Is this BEAUTIFUL or what?!?


And how about this?  Every place I set my eyes, there was WONDERFUL!

English village - buff stone
Wouldn't you like to go?


Did you know that Susan Branch is soon to finish a new book about England, full of information & photos, handwritten, and littered with her delightful watercolors and illustration?  You can keep up with her progress right here and enjoy her blog as well;  it's only because I love you that I tell you this . . . SIGH . . . don't forget to come back . . . . . (:>

We're soon to have up the delinquent January Free Pattern, and we're already way ahead on the one for March - they won't be far apart!  And soon!  Plus I'm plannng 3 new quilts, some clever little placemats, an addition to our Tabletop Quilts, a baby quilt, and more!

Be back!  Always Yours!



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