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Valentines & Kits Coming!

It's been a most beautiful day here today. Really cold yesterday, overcast &  W I N D Y!  But today was sunny and 74.  I worked on our free February pattern for only a little bit when my O&O called and we met for lunch at one of our favorite places, Beck's.  It's a yuppie hamburger-to-steak place where you can sit outside on a deck under great old live oak and post oak trees. I love that and it was just warm enough today!  Yay! 

Did just a little bit of shopping on the way home and found the most beautiful napkins for Spring, what do you think?  I bet I can do something with these, yes?

Williams Sonoma Bunny Napkins
Darling Bunny Napkins



Beautiful embroidery!

Yes, these are from Williams Sonoma.  Their beautiful table linens are cotton and linen, so they look & feel wonderful!  These napkins come in white, as well, and belong with a gorgeous jacqurd tablecloth.  I thought you might like to see them all here.  Beautiful things are food for the soul!

And I bought the cutest little Bunny - a stuffed animal, of course!  Can you just imagine what Jake would think of the real thing?!?!  He's a hunting dog, so let's just NOT imagine!  (Don't worry, the only thing he really hunts is lizards in the backyard). 


Stuffed Bunny full on cutting table
Look how he holds his hands! Isn't that darling?

And he's planted himself right on the cutting table, where all the Valentine busy-ness is going on!  By the way, see that rotary cutter on the right - the lock is on guaranteed - do you know where your rotary cutter is?


Stuffed Bunny closeup 1
Just look at that face!

Stuffed Bunny closeup 2
And those eyes! Who could resist?!

Which is exactly why I bought one for me and one for someone's Easter basket!

This little bunny will have a life in front of the camera, surrounded by his own kind!  (That means he'll be on blogs, websites and social media, surrounded by other stuffed animals & soft quilting projects, looking adorable!).  Easter things are everywhere, it seems like all of a sudden.  But then someone reminded me how early Easter is this year, March 31!  Hence the bunny! 

I'm always looking for things I think you'll like to see in photos, sometimes just by themselves and other times with the things made from my designs.  I'm picky - it has to be something I love, and I know will look beautiful, or is cute or funky, and be the 'glue' that makes things work together.  I like nothing better than to put a smile on your face or touch your heartstrings!  So I keep my eyes open. 

Sometimes I run across something I just love and have a sense or knowing that it's perfect and I should get it.  But my practicality kicks in, and I think "Oh, but I don't have a specific idea for that, what will I do with it?", so I walk away to think about it awhile.  Then I realize the "knowing" I had was right, I go back to get it, and it's gone!  Some of those things I still think about.  So I've learned not to argue with it, and just get it the first time; and most every time it turns out to be a great decision!  Do you ever do that?

Almost have ready the February free pattern, and samples, and photos for the website, and photos for the blog, and kits, etc. etc.  The pattern graphics are finally finished, Sue does that, and it was a real struggle for her because her computer crashed and she had to wipe the drive and reload everything!  Then she had follow-up trouble with email & printers and was trying to do Daisy & Dell's complicated things from her phone - can you imagine?!?!?  But the samples are all made, and I'm working on staging photos for the blog, so you'll have some inspiration!  (Oh, and Sue IS getting things worked out, thank you for your concern!)  And I haven't forgotten January; even though its going to be late, it'll still be fun to do and you'll want to add it to your collection for the year!  

So sometime THIS WEEKEND I'll have up some great stuff for you to look at and do!  So check back!

Now must get back to those photos - and KITS!!  (and I might just have some Conversation Hearts!!)





Very Valentine!

We're working on a Free Project that will be up on the website soon on the Free For You page!  It will feature a simple, easy, quick, fun-to-do project which will span the year with a different one each month!  And we'll have a little kit to go with each one.  We're hurrying so we can get January's to you before the month is gone - can you believe it's passing so FAST?!?!?  And we want to get February's to you a little early, too.

We're thinking about Valentines, our other favorite holiday (I bet you couldn't guess our Free February Project will be all about that)!  But meantime, take a look at one of our most beautiful quilts, Embellished Hearts, perfect for the season!  The quilt has everything - regular embroidery, ribbon embroidery, applique & embellishment - it includes a darling little envelope, which you can actually open, with a tiny Valentine inside!

There are instructions for the quilt, of course, plus instructions, stitch diagrams & beautiful, detailed drawings for each of the 5 embellished hearts, showing the position of all embroidery, embellishment and applique.  Includes a list of silk ribbon from The Thread Gatherer or you can substitute your own! 

If you start now, you can hang it for Valentine's Day next year!

Embellished Hearts quilt pic larger
Embellished Hearts Quilt

The resolution isn't the best on this full photo, but you can see the quilt layout.  Can you see the bows formed in the corner blocks?

Embellished Hearts - Ruffled Heart full heart
Ruffled Heart

Embellished Hearts - Scalloped Heart full heart
Scalloped Heart


Embellished Hearts - Starry Heart full heart
Starry Heart


Embellished Hearts - Feathered Heart full heart
Ruffled Heart


Embellished Hearts - Envelope Heart full heart
Envelope Heart

See the darling little Valentine?  It fits perfectly in the Envelope!  The piece of fabric is fussy-cut to get the little rose in the corner and the writing is traced with a Micron pen - how easy!

Embellished Hearats - Starry Heart closeup
Starry Heart closeup of ribbon embroidery
Starry Heart Xtra closeup L side
Starry Heart closeup of left side

See all the beads buried in the ribbon?  It gives it just a perfect sparkle!  And you could do the same with sequins or other embellishment items.  In the Ruffled Heart above, I used a number of my Grandma Daisy's buttons I found in a box of hers.

Starry Heart xtra closeup R side
Starry Heart closeup of right side

 If you've never done ribbon embroidery before, don't let that stop you!  The instructions and stitch diagrams will tell you everything to do.  And even though it doesn't look like it, ribbon embroidery is very forgiving!  Practice the roses on a scrap piece just to make yourself feel better first.  These are formed all on the top of the fabric, anyway, so it's easy to start over; besides, you can see how easy it is to cover anything you want to!  And it ALWAYS looks beautiful! 

I made this quilt for one of my wedding anniversaries!  We got married the day before Valentine's Day because the church was already taken for the day itself.  So the quilt works for everything!  You can order the pattern on the website.

Thanks for being patient to let these photos load!  I got a wonderful D3200 Nikon camera for Christmas - just so I could show you great closeups like these.  The DS100 I had used for so long simply wasn't giving the resolution needed - that's how things have changed!  Now it looks like there may be more resolution than I actually need for photos to load on the page quickly - but that's a change in the right direction! 

Back with more later!  Always!



Happy New Year 2013!

Hope your New Year's Day was great!  Mine definately was relaxing!  Now, as fast as possible, it's away with the decorations and on to new projects.  I like the last part of that, but not quite ready to part with the color & sparkle of Christmas, so . . . . .

Couldn't help but share this photo with you first.  It's from the grounds of Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City.  Indescribably beautiful LED lights on every tree on their campus - I'm only showing you a little of it.  Talk about sparkle!  It took my breath away!


 Just had to greet you!  We're working on some upcoming things, but not available for a little bit!  I'm still thinking of Snowmen . . . not sure where this is leading, but can't get them out of my head - probably something for next Christmas?!?!  I know, I know, but the Christmas fabric for next year is so great!  

Meantime, stay warm & toasty with some hot chocolate!  How about I think of Christmas and you think of Spring?

As Always Yours,



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