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'Simeon's Moment' by Ron DiCianni



Simeon's MomentAll the angels of Heaven couldn't contain their joy at the birth of Jesus!  Exploding with joy they proclaimed to all the earth that this little boy, born of a virgin, God's own Son, would provide the way for peace between God and man; His goodwill could extend to all without the sacrifice of animals, for Jesus would be the sacrifice; His blood would be poured out one time for us all! 

His will for us was never anything except blessing and prosperity!  When Adam chose his own path and sin entered, God's perfect fellowship with man was broken.  But still His Love wouldn't be denied, and He made a way through the blood of animals.

No wonder the angels rejoiced!  No wonder Simeon's tears flowed!  For now, with a simple acknowledgement of God's provision, Jesus, any person could restore the blessing, prosperity & fellowship which God's heart so wanted His creation, man, to have.  His Love never ends, never gives up!  And it's ours for the choosing!


Merry Christmas!!!

Fall is my favorite season of year and Christmas! is the best of that, but have been so busy I've not stopped to really enjoy the sights and sounds of it!  So I thought I'd share these pictures with you from some of my decorating . . . . .

Santa peeking from between the poinsettia & potpourri!

We Believe in our Savior and enjoy all things Christmas!


The dining room sideboard. We cluster gifts here and there through the downstairs!


Brought a little of the outside inside!

I hope your Christmas Day is full of peace and contentment!

Always Yours,






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